You need a stroller that will fit your unique needs as a parent who lives in a city, whether you’re looking for a lightweight model to carry up the stairs to your walkup flat or a full-size model that can regularly handle the bumps of city sidewalks. Bugaboo is a luxury stroller brand that manufactures high-end strollers and it’s no stranger when it comes to making city-friendly strollers.

Overview of the Bugaboo Bee 5

The fourth iteration of a wildly popular light stroller, the Bugaboo Bee 5 is brand-new for 2017. The Bee 4 conjures up the word “before,” hence this name was avoided. When folded, the upscale Bee 5 is the smallest Bugaboo stroller. Therefore, it is a more opulent option than an umbrella stroller. The stroller’s chassis now contains integrated attachment points, making it very easy to attach accessories like an umbrella, a drink holder, or a sister board. The painted markings that were utilized in earlier models to indicate if the chassis was properly constructed have been replaced by symbols that have been laser-etched.

Storage Basket

The large carrying basket is a great way to transport your groceries from the store to the car, or from car to home. A separate pocket for a raincoat also ensures that your shoulders won’t get soaked while out on rainy days. The ride will be even more comfortable because the wheels have been upgraded to have a softer suspension. This new version will also come with a more straightforward cleaning system that fixes the previous version’s wheel clogging issue.

Multi recline seats

Three settings are available for the Bugaboo Bee5 seat: upright, nap, and lie flat. You simply squeeze two catches at the rear of the seat together with your thumb and fingers to operate this straightforward one-handed system. Once the recline has been released, you can reposition the seat until it is in the desired position before clicking it into place.

The full recline of the Bee 5 makes it appropriate for use from birth. A Baby Cocoon is also offered for additional comfort. A car seat or carrycot may also be fastened to the chassis. The hood from the seat will be used by the carrycot.

The changeable seat is lower in the vehicle. The seat is quite deep but lacks a leg rest. The seat is even more comfy thanks to its two layers of padding. The old models can no longer accommodate the seat fabric. The Bee 5 includes branding on the back of the backrest and a concealed harness fastening for a fancier appearance. By switching out the hoods, the Bee 5 can be modified similarly to the well-known Bugaboo Cameleon.

The hood design can be selected from the budget-friendly Core collection, the more expensive Premium collection, or the opulent patterned Signature collection. There are also summer variants with ventilation. With new color options for the leatherette handles and wheel caps, the new generation provides even more customizing options. A new function for 2019 is the ability to stand alone in the folded state, made possible by the additional pull-out foot.


With the seat unit, the Bee5 weighs 8.9 kg. It’s not the lightest on the market, as I indicated, but I found it to be light enough to carry up and down stairs when necessary (even with a small child on board), and when it’s folded, I can handle it with ease with one hand.

When it comes to durability, this particular stroller doesn’t feel like a “lightweight” because the chassis is built to withstand a lot of wear and tear and the seat assembly is very durable.

Traveling on public transport

The Bee5 is simple to operate on bus and rail rides. Here, its flexibility shines because you can simply maneuver it up bus gangways. Getting past the inevitably jutting bell rods and seat edges is simple because it spins on a dime.

On the train, the stroller fits into tight areas, so you don’t have to worry about impeding other passengers.

The stroller is simple to maneuver thanks to the swiveling front wheel.

Small size tires

The front wheels can be locked into place or swiveled for a more versatile ride. The stroller comes with 6-inch foam-filled rubber tires which offer comfort, control, and durability.

All of the wheels have suspension, and in my opinion, it contributes to the smoothness of the ride. Smaller wheels do make it easier to feel road imperfections than larger pneumatic all-terrain tires would. However, the suspension aids in this. Being small actually makes it easier to maneuver when driving through congested streets, stores, and supermarkets.


The Bee5 canopy is a two-stage umbrella with a basic opening that provides coverage from immediately above and the ability to zip open additional panels to provide coverage that can reach over your baby’s knees, shielding them from the sun and non-wind-driven rain. The canopy also has a unique, patented design that reflects up to 90% of the sun’s heat.

The lack of a peek-a-boo window and additional ventilation in this canopy is a major detriment for this stroller/pram, which is priced at the higher end.

Easy to clean

The Bee5 was designed with many improvements. The canopy and cloth on the seat can both be machine washed at 30C, while the handlebar can be washed with warm soapy water and the frame can simply be wiped down with a soft cloth and lukewarm water. To clean the harness, moisten it thoroughly with warm soapy water and gently scrub it using a gentle detergent to remove dirt.


The Bee5 is a great option for those looking for a more compact, lightweight, and robust choice that can be maneuvered effortlessly in tight spaces. It has all the benefits of other models and does so in a beautiful package.

Without taking away from the characteristics that make me unequivocally recommend this stroller to first-time parents or seasoned parents leading a busy urban lifestyle, the additional customization options give it a new look.