Bugaboo strollers are not approved as car seats, but Bugaboo does offer an infant car seat that can be bought and attached to the stroller for those who need a travel system that can go from birth to toddlerhood. Without the use of adapters, the Turtle one by Nuna baby car seat is specifically made to accommodate the Lynx and Bugaboo Fox strollers. You may use an infant car seat from a variety of manufacturers, including Cybex, Maxi-Cosi, and Nuna on any Bugaboo stroller with the use of a car seat adapter accessory that is sold separately.

Bugaboo has two different car seats available to purchase, the Turtle One and the Turtle Air. Both car seats are lightweight and feature a matching adapter for easy installation for all Bugaboo strollers. Both car seats are designed for easy integration with the Donkey, Bee, Ant, Fox, Cameleon 3, and Lynx strollers only as it does not come with a matching adapter.

Bugaboo Turtle One

The Turtle One is the only car seat you will ever need to use with your stroller. It has been created and produced in partnership with Bugaboo and Nuna. The Turtle One has been engineered for safety and convenience, with a lightweight design that fits all strollers and adapters to fit any brand of the car seat. It also boasts top-notch car seat design and technology to ensure safety and a smooth transition from the car to the stroller or vice versa.

When the Turtle One was first introduced, it was only compatible with the newest models of the Lynx and Fox strollers. However, now there are adapters that allow this car seat to work with any model of Bugaboo stroller/pram, including Bugaboo Lynx, Fox, Cameleon 3, Ant, Bee, and Donkey. This is a big improvement in terms of compatibility for parents

This car seat offers stability and cutting-edge security and safety features for which Nuna is renowned. The Turtle One’s Lock installation technology makes it simple to install, and its color-coded alarm feature gives you the peace of mind you need.

The Turtle One has a canopy and peek-a-boo windows to protect your child from the sun. It also has an infant insert made of merino wool that will help keep your baby comfortable no matter the weather – even in the coldest winter months.

Key Features of the Bugaboo Turtle one:

  • With the appropriate adapters, pairs smoothly with your Bugaboo Cameleon 3, Lynx, Donkey, Ant, Bee, and Fox.
  • Climate regulation is provided with a washable merino wool insert.
  • Trulock installation system and impact-absorbing crumple zone
  • Memory foam that absorbs energy for efficient impact control
  • “Smart shade” canopy offers privacy.
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness
  • Adjustable padded head support for maximum comfort
  • Handle in stylish Leatherette
  • Machine-washable fabrics and inserts.
  • FAA-approved

Bugaboo Turtle Air

The new Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna is a result of a successful partnership between the two companies that have been built on the success of their previous product, the Turtle One car seat. The design was elevated to include many features previously reserved for higher-priced strollers and have made it an amazing value for any family. When looking for a seat to go with your Bugaboo stroller, this incredibly light seat—which weighs almost two pounds less than the Turtle One—will be at the top of your list thanks to a slew of new features.

By using OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics, providing incredible levels of padding and a comfortable infant insert made from merino wool, this car seat provides a level of luxury and comfort that is built into it. The luxurious foam and soft fabric will keep the child snug throughout the year, helping them regulate their temperature as well.

The patented Tailor Tech memory foam in the Bugaboo Turtle Air offers side impact protection and is made from Aeroflex foam that compresses to absorb and diffuse energy in a crash. The built-in seatbelt path with a no-base installation will make it easier to be installed and removed with the air without the base when you need to travel.

The cleverly created recline base easily converts from any Bugaboo pram to a car in a matter of seconds and features an open belt path for simple installation. Additionally, the recline base has four adjustable recline levels so you can find the ideal fit as your child develops.

The Bugaboo Turtle Airbase contains an anti-rebound panel that helps to lessen, absorb, and transfer crash forces, as well as an integrated steel load leg that inhibits forward rotation. Your little traveler will be protected from side impacts by the Nuna patented Tailor Tech memory foam, which is encased in an outer shell and headrest that have been precisely engineered to absorb impact force.

To keep your child comfortable, features like the recognizable sun canopy with a magnetic “smart shade” and a peek-a-boo window offer UPF 50+ protection and additional ventilation.

The Bugaboo Air System seamlessly integrates with all models of the Bugaboo range, including the Lynx, Fox, Donkey, Cameleon 3, Ant, and Bee. The Bee 6 and Fox 3 come equipped with adapters as standard.

Key Features of the Bugaboo Turtle Air:

  • Pairs seamlessly with your Bugaboo Fox, Lynx, Donkey, Bee, Ant, and Cameleon 3 with matching adapters.
  • It is incredibly light.
  • Washable and removable Oeko-Tex-approved textiles.
  • Merino wool Insert
  • Adjustable padded head support for maximum comfort
  • Optional installation of a European belt path for secure usage without a base
  • “Smart shade” canopy with ventilation offers UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • “Green for go” safety indications on the included base aid in correct installation.
  • True lock installation system with load leg and impact-absorbing crumple zone
  • Memory foam from patented Tailor Tech for maximum side-impact security.
  • No-rethread, 5-position harness that is adjustable
  • Holder for magnetic buckle
  • FAA-approved for use in aircraft, stylish Leatherette handle


Bugaboo strollers are not car seats. They are designed for use on the ground and cannot be used as a car seat. Bugaboo car seats cost from $350 to 500 when brand new.