Known for its cutting-edge stroller designs, Bugaboo is a multi-award-winning company that is adored by royalty. The Dutch design firm, which in 1994 claimed to have created the first modular stroller, is best recognized for its premium materials and 4 distinct designs—the Cameleon3, Buffalo, Bee5, and Donkey.

Bugaboo strollers are not known for jogging or running. However, the Bugaboo Runner has only recently arrived, despite Bugaboo’s long-standing emphasis on getting families moving. Although there are currently many sports strollers on the market, the Bugaboo offers a few unique qualities to mention. You can purchase the entire stroller as a package or just the chassis to pair with your current Bugaboo seat if you already own one. It feels incredibly light to push, with a well-designed auxiliary hand brake, and a reversible seat.

On the negative side, it has a lower 17kg weight restriction and is bulkier and heavier (12.7kg) than some competitors. In addition, the full bundle costs £610, which is quite expensive. But when you take the Bugaboo for a run, you have to admit that its comfortable features and user-friendly design truly justify its place at the upper echelon of luxury strollers.

Note: Bugaboo states that their product should not be used to carry a child who is less than 9 months old.

Features of the Bugaboo Runner

Large 16-inch tires

In comparison to a regular-sized wheel, the enormous air-filled wheels on this stroller easily absorb minor bumps and impediments in your way, providing a significantly smoother ride for both the passenger and the runner. This is ideal for those who are looking for an easy way to get around town or just want to enjoy an uninterrupted jog through the park. This not only makes the ride comfortable for your child, but it also makes it safer and steadier.

All of the wheels on the stroller are fitted with mudguards, which are fantastic while doing activities such as running on grass or fields in a park.

Fixed front wheel

When going quickly, the pushchair is significantly more stable thanks to the fixed front wheel than it would be with a swiveling wheel.

This increases the stability of the stroller, greatly lowering the possibility that you may lose control or tip the buggy over if you run into a barrier. It also makes for a much more comfortable ride.

Although the front wheel on this stroller cannot be tucked in to make it smaller when traveling on public transportation or to store it, the permanent position is a necessary safety component for a running stroller.


There are two: one on the push bar to control speed and one on the bottom of the frame to lock it into the braked position. The footbrake is conveniently located in the middle of the chassis bar, where both feet can readily use it.

It is pretty straightforward and easy to use, and the push bar-mounted lever is a particularly helpful addition when jogging. It feels both solid and easy to press or release.

The push bar brake is great since it spans the entire length of the push bar, making it simple to hold onto with either hand at any time.

You can either squeeze the Bugaboo’s bar firmly to stop the front wheel entirely or lightly to only slow the stroller down. The push bar brake can only be used when you are holding it; otherwise, the standard footbrake must be used to park the stroller.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the bugaboo runner is a breeze. Simply push the button on the wheel joint to slide out the back wheels, which are quite simple to remove. After a muddy run, you could quickly remove the wheels to give them a rinse or wash outside by unscrewing one of the wheels at the front and then checking over your wheel tracks after you put it back on in order to ensure that they are working properly.

After a muddy run, the fact that the seat textiles and even the basket are removable and machine washable is a major benefit. The fabric is durable, making it able to withstand constant contact with the ground, but it also allows for easy cleanup by machine washing.

Multi recline seats

Multi recline seats are a perfect solution for parents who want to keep their baby close to them while they’re out, but they also want the freedom to move around. These seats accommodate an infant from 9 months old up to 2 years old. They have a plush and comfy seat that can recline in several positions and can be positioned both inward or outward.

The ever-changing world of strollers has provided us with a new trend that is quickly gaining in popularity. This new trend is designed for babies who need to be able to sleep and want to be comfortable, regardless of the position they are sleeping in. The seat reclines into 3 different positions that correspond to the different types of sleep positions babies like to sleep in.

Five-point Harness

The five-point harness is a safety feature that prevents a child from falling out of the stroller while running. It consists of five straps that are used to attach the child to the stroller and prevent them from falling out.

1) The first strap goes over the child’s chest and clips at the back.

2) The second strap goes over their belly and clips at their back.

3) The third strap goes between their legs and clips at their back.

4) The fourth strap goes around their waist, with a clip on each side, and clips at the back.

5) The fifth strap is attached to the stroller’s handlebars or frame, with a clip on each side.


Bugaboo is a well-known brand for producing high-quality baby strollers that are popular among moms and dads all over the world. The Bugaboo Runner is a fantastic option for first-time parents seeking a flexible stroller system that allows them to buy two frames and switch out a single seat for various uses. If you’re a new parent just starting out and want two strollers, each with a specific purpose, it’s a fairly affordable option.