If you frequently travel by public transportation or foot with your child or plan on spending time at the park during inclement weather, you must have a waterproof stroller rain cover to protect your child from the weather.

A stroller rain cover is an essential accessory for your stroller and most modern strollers come with one. However, it is possible that your stroller does not have a rain cover. If the rain cover that came with your stroller has become damaged or you are unhappy with the coverage, then you may want to purchase this accessory for yourself.

How to choose the right stroller rain cover


You need to make sure that your rain cover is the right size for your stroller. There are many different shapes and styles of rain covers that fit a range of different stroller sizes, so it is important to make sure you find one that accommodates your needs.


The material used to make your rain cover must be watertight and waterproof first and foremost. Look for breathable, waterproof, and lightweight rain covers made from BPA-free, non-toxic plastics such as EVA or polyurethane.


Covering your stroller with covers, cloths, and blankets can prevent airflow, which can result in overheating. Many rain covers on the market are permeable and provide air vents to aid in air circulation, but they will still provide additional warmth. To prevent children from overheating, ensure they are not overdressed.


A stroller rain cover is a must-have accessory for any stroller. They come in a variety of styles and can include optional features like storage bags, pockets, or air vents. The cover should be easy to attach to your stroller using Velcro or snap buttons.

Types of rain covers

Universal stroller rain covers are made to accommodate most buggies, single strollers, and joggers. They are waterproof and contain air holes for proper ventilation. The baby can be easily accessed through the front.

Umbrella stroller rain cover: These covers are suitable for use with smaller strollers which have an umbrella-style opening at the top, and offer the same level of protection as a universal stroller cover.

Double stroller rain cover: These Covers are suitable for either tandem or full-size strollers, and they provide total coverage. They include handy storage pockets and bags to keep items dry and safe.

Top 10 stroller rain covers

Masirs Baby Stroller Rain Cover

The Masir’s rain cover is designed to fit snugly around any stroller and has two adjustable straps on either side with buckle closure.

This transparent cover provides a pleasant view of the outside world as well as protection from the wind, rain, and snow. The design is made of high-quality vinyl which is clear and strong to provide an optimal view for the child.

Bemece Universal Stroller Rain Cover

The Bemece Rain Cover is compatible to with most strollers and will give your kid protection from the weather, with a watertight zipper that keeps the rain at bay. It has ventilation holes for ventilation and a peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on your kid while they enjoy the outdoors.

Chicco Universal Rain Cover

Chicco’s see-through rain cover allows you to see your child all the time! It’s suitable for most strollers and has a storage compartment so you can easily tuck it away when the weather is favorable. It also has ventilated portions on the sides for circulation and a convenient waterproof pouch on the back.

Koo-di Splish Splosh Double Stroller Raincover

The Splish Splosh Rain Cover fits most pushchairs, strollers, and three-wheelers and includes a soft, shower-proof fabric with a roll-up, ventilation window for easy access and increased ventilation. With less PVC, the cloth feels more quality, but it provides less visibility for keeping a watch on your baby.

Universal Waterproof Twins Baby Stroller

This rain cover will shield your children from wind, snow, and rain while still allowing them to see their surroundings. The large window at the front lets you easily carry your little one in and out without having to remove the entire cover. It can be quickly attached, removed, and folded up for easy storage.

Vanshchan Stroller Rain Cover

The Vanshchan rain cover’s premium-quality EVA material is odor-free and skin-friendly. The long-lasting material repels dust and water, keeping the infant clean and dry. This rain cover is simple to put on and includes two adjustable straps at the bottom that keep it firmly attached to the stroller. The pockets on the rear are ideal for storing small items. It even comes with a mosquito net to keep insects at bay.

Graco Jogging Stroller Weather Shield

To protect the child from snow, rain, wind, and cold, the Graco weather shield is composed of high-resilience, clear vinyl material. It has a handy storage pocket on the back to keep the baby’s belongings safe and dry. The peek-a-boo window allows the child to see his or her surroundings clearly and allows the parent to see the baby.

Lion Paw Stroller Rain Cover

The Lion Paw rain cover is a high-quality accessory that provides watertight protection for your child thanks to its 3D nano-coating. The rain cover also has a durable EVA HD pane in front that does not obstruct the baby’s view.

Most strollers are fitted with elastic straps and buckles that help to keep your baby securely fastened in the stroller. They’re made from high-density cationic materials, which make them wear-resistant, non-toxic, and long-lasting.

Baohua Stroller Rain Cover

The three wide windows on the Baohua stroller rain cover offer the baby an excellent view of his or her surroundings. This cover is simple to put on and has a big opening with two watertight zippers for easy access to the baby. Large air holes on both sides of the cover allow for maximum air circulation and ventilation. It has a parasol that can be pulled over the front glass to provide UV light protection.

Jeep Deluxe Stroller Weather Shield

The Jeep weather shield is simple to install because it only needs to be unfurled and placed on the stroller. It is made of premium-grade clear vinyl that provides a clear vision of the infant from all angles and allows the baby to easily view the surroundings. This weather shield protects the child from snow, rain, cold, and dust.


You can protect your child from the weather for hours by using a stroller rain cover. This accessory will allow you to stay outside with your child during inclement weather and spend time together, without worrying about the safety of your child.

Before purchasing one, make sure that the shield is wide enough to cover your entire child, contains compartments that make it easy to organize all of their gear, and has easy-access openings with watertight zippers.