It is very annoying that some high-quality strollers do not have cup holders, and if you want to use your stroller often but don’t want to compromise on your drink, it may be necessary to purchase a cup holder from an aftermarket company.

A cup holder is a useful addition to any stroller, as it provides a convenient place to put your beverage while on the go. For instance, you might want to use it to hold your drink when you’re out with friends or even keep your coffee in one while you shop.

Fortunately, purchasing a cup holder for your stroller is a cheap purchase, usually costing less than $30, allowing you to keep the stroller that you love while having a place to keep your drinks. The best part is that they are easily attachable with just one click and are built strong enough to withstand the weight of a full cup without being thrown off balance.

Best Stroller Cup Holders

UPPAbaby Cup Holder

You can use their convenient cup holder if you own a UPPAbaby stroller. They are compatible with a wide variety of models, including the Cruz, Vista V2, MINU, Cruz V2, and many others.

The UPPAbaby cup holder is designed to attach to the stroller frame and snaps on in a matter of seconds using clips that are provided with the accessory. This form of attachment can be left on the stroller when it is folded because it produces a powerful, sturdy hold that can never come off. Additionally, this device can always travel with the stroller since it does not need to be removed.

The UPPAbaby team has designed the cup holder with a solid grip to maintain a good grasp for drinks of varying sizes and flexibility to fit securely. Some parents have reported that it is difficult to clean, but most incidents of the cup holder slipping off have been attributed to a loose stroller attachment.

Accmor Stroller Cup and Phone Holder

One of the better stroller cup holders on the market is made by Accmor and it works with a wide variety of strollers. It is a cup holder that doubles as a phone holder. This unit is big enough to accommodate both a water bottle and a phone. It can be mounted to the handlebar or clamped onto the frame.

The silicone petals used in making the Accmor cup holder are flexible and hold your drink firmly in place to prevent spills. A side that opens to accommodate handles and mugs means it can be molded to fit bottles and cups of various sizes.

The cup holder situated on the bar is immobile due to Accmor’s commitment to a clamping design with a rubber cushion. One convenient feature is that the user can select the optimal location to attach this cup holder by rotating the clamp 360 degrees.

Many parents have found that the Accmor cup holder struggles to accommodate certain items, such as large mugs and tumblers.

W4W Universal Stroller Cup Holder

The W4W is a great choice for those seeking a stroller cup holder that can accommodate cups of any size. This product can be found for an affordable price and is compatible with most, if not all, standard strollers.

The cup holder can accommodate cups with a max diameter of four inches and is one of the best cup holders for those with bigger cups. The silicone insert also ensures that small cups stay in place while expanding to fit any size beverage.

Parents can’t get enough of how this cup holder’s special design allows it to easily accommodate cups of all shapes and sizes. This cup holder is great for tumblers as well as cups with handles.

W4W cupholder never slips or leaks thanks to a clamp that is designed with a silicone non-slip grip. The clamp rotates in any direction to provide the best grip possible and may be adjusted to any angle for optimum positioning.

Accmor Universal Stroller Cup Holder

Here is another highly recommended cup holder by Accmor that is suitable for most strollers. It has many features, including the ability to attach to most wheelchairs, strollers, and other items. As it is adjustable, any stroller can utilize this universal cup holder because of its flexibility.

All bottles with a diameter of 3.4 inches or less can be accommodated by the cup holder. This includes cups, water bottles, and other types of items.

The stroller clamp kit is equipped with a rubber cushioned pad to keep it firmly attached to your stroller and the clip’s width can be adjusted for every situation. It rotates 360 degrees, enabling you to choose the ideal stance that will prevent spills.

Although it is designed to attach to nearly all strollers, there are some types of cups that are incompatible with this holder. There is no mug insert, meaning you can’t use it without a coffee mug or tumbler, and wide-mugs don’t fit either.

Ryan & Rose Cutie Universal Stroller Holder

Ryan and Rose made a special, versatile cup holder that attaches to anything by hooking or looping onto it. This means that whether you prefer it on your high chair, stroller, lawn chair, or anywhere else, all you need is a rod to loop around it so that it’ll stay securely in place.

With no holes at the bottom to worry about, this stroller holder can easily hold a variety of items that you might need on your stroll. You may store your keys, phone, or even an iced latte in this holder without any issues.

The cup holder is available in 5 different colors and is made entirely of silicone for durability and safety. However, some parents have said that it isn’t as sturdy as they would hope and have experienced drinks spilling when full.

Momcozy Stroller Organizer and Cup Holder

Moms highly praise the stroller organizer and insulated cup holder combo product offered by Momcozy. With this product, moms can store their drinks, phone, keys, and other items they require quick access to in a separate location and it fits most stroller bars and handles.

The Momcozy features two insulated cup holders for most mugs and bottles, so your Starbucks coffee won’t be a problem. And because the cups are insulated, they maintain the temperature of your beverages so you can enjoy them on the go!

Many reviews, particularly those submitted by UPPAbaby owners, claim that it doesn’t work with all strollers. Some users have claimed that the stroller can topple over and spill when it is too top-heavy.

Breeket 2-in-1 Stroller Cup Holder

This phone and cup holder has become a popular choice among parents because it is suitable for both strollers and wheelchairs. The adjustable design means it can be placed anywhere, so even if you are on the go, you will always know where your phone is.

The Breeket cup holder is designed like a U. The holder offers several thoughtful features, such as silicone petals that offer support for the cup and keep your drink from spilling. The holder also accommodates a variety of popular devices, such as smartphones.

This cup holder attaches conveniently onto any handle that is 1.97 inches in width or greater, giving it the ability to attach to most strollers without issue. It also uses a rubber mat which prevents the cup from moving around and damaging the handle.

Skip Hop Universal Cup Holder

Skip Hop is a well-known brand for parents and its versatile cup holder makes it a great alternative for the busy parent on the go. It’s also perfect for carrying water bottles, coffee mugs, or whatever other beverages you want to take with you in your vehicle.

It also comes with two different clamps that can attach onto a number of items such as shopping carts and strollers. It has rubber grips to keep it from sliding and has grips on the inside which ensure that your drink stays in place while you’re on the go.

Though parents are very satisfied with the design and functionality of this stroller organizer, many others have commented that it does not necessarily suit all strollers, does not work well with tumblers or large drinks, and is not the most versatile option on the market.

Factors to consider while buying a stroller cup holder


Identify the types of cups that can fit in the cup holder. You’ll have fewer alternatives if you generally use a huge Yeti tumbler, but more options if you often use a small cup or anything from Starbucks.

Holder Material

It is important to consider the materials that are used to make the cup holder. The holder should be durable and not easily breakable, but also easy to clean. Some holders can be cleaned using a dishwasher, which will make them a lot easier to clean.


Some custom stroller cup holders also come with an integrated phone holder. This is great for those parents who are on the go and want to be able to easily access their phones. They might be a bit more expensive up front, but over time they will save you money by eliminating the need to buy a separate phone mount.


To find the ideal cup holder for your stroller, it is important to know which part of the stroller it will attach to. Make sure it will attach to the part of your stroller that you need it to; some cup holders work better when they are attached to the handles. Consider how securely the cup holder attaches as well.