Few brands of strollers are as recognizable and famous as Bugaboo. Despite being relatively new to the market (Bugaboo has only been around for two decades), the Dutch pushchair company has grown to be one of the most well-known and recognized names in the buggy industry.

The revolutionary Bugaboo pushchair, which was developed in 1999 by designer Max Barenbrug and physician Eduard Zanen, has become a desirable purchase for many parents and expectant parents due to its high price and eye-catching colors, and interchangeable hood and seat sets.

The Cameleon, the Donkey, the Bee, and the Buffalo are the only four models that Bugaboo sells, in contrast to many other manufacturers who produce a large variety of various prams. It has been able to meet almost all of the needs of parents with just these four strollers, which may also be combined to create travel systems. These include the lightweight stroller (Bee), the double stroller (Donkey), the all-terrain pushchair (Buffalo), and the original luxury stroller (Cameleon).

In terms of cost, Bugaboo is the most expensive option. The Bee, the company’s entry-level stroller, starts at £439, but that price only covers the base of the pushchair; additional items, such as a carrycot or a sun canopy, would set you back more. The Donkey, which retails for £1219, is the most expensive Bugaboo model.

The Cameleon

When deciding on the best stroller, there are a lot of options available, which can make narrowing down the choices challenging. Families that want to spend their money on a single stroller that will carry them from infancy through toddlerhood and look attractive while doing it frequently opt for the renowned Bugaboo Cameleon3. The sleek design is quite fashionable, and it also has a lot of useful functions, such as a handle that can be turned around and raised or lowered.

The Cameleon is an excellent alternative for individuals who don’t mind-blowing their budget on a stroller because you can customize it with a variety of accessories and color options that fit your family’s lifestyle. This stroller can effortlessly transition between smooth surfaces and rocky terrain because of its reversible handlebar. This stroller is simple to control with just one hand thanks to its smooth steering system!

There are several wonderful features included with the Bugaboo Cameleon:

  • A reclining seat that is ideal for quick naps
  • a seat that is self-standing and may be positioned on the floor
  • a rotating carrying handle that allows you to easily access your child
  • For pleasant and secure riding, a five-point harness with height-adjustable shoulder straps is provided.
  • When not in use, an intuitive folding method allows for practically flat storage.

The Donkey

The Bugaboo Donkey has movable, modular pieces and an extending frame that enables it to change into a number of different configurations. It can be configured to accommodate a single child, twins, or two kids of various ages. It is an actual Transformer.

The Donkey’s main selling point is its adaptability to your expanding family. Everything you require for one child is included in the base model. You can purchase an extra seat if your family expands, or two bassinets and seats for twins. It can accommodate two newborn car seats at once as well.

When using the stroller in single-child mode, you can add a seat or bassinet to a detachable chassis that hooks onto the stroller’s body (it comes with both). The removable bassinet is simple to remove and makes a fantastic newborn travel bed. The seat is reclinable in five distinct positions, including prone while facing the rear, and it can face either forward or backward. The seat angle may be adjusted quite easily, even one-handedly, thanks to a lever on the top of the seat back.

It’s incredibly slim for a stroller that can carry two children. It measures 28.5 inches across when spread out. It isn’t very narrow, but it is only two inches broader than some well-known, upscale single-child strollers. The stroller pivots like a Championship running back thanks to its front side wheels, which can spin in any direction or lock in place for jogging, and is rather simple to maneuver despite its width.

The Bee

The first model of the incredibly popular light stroller is called the Bugaboo Bee. It came out in 2007. The Bee is the smallest Bugaboo stroller available. Therefore, it is a more opulent option than an umbrella stroller. The little wheels are full and white in the initial version. The soft suspension ensures an easy ride across the metropolis.

The changeable seat is lower in the vehicle. Although the seat can be extended, it lacks a leg rest. The backrest can be adjusted from a very erect position to a fully reclined position. The huge hood has a conventionally rounded silhouette. The renowned Bugaboo Cameleon and the Bee both have interchangeable hoods that allow for customization. There are also summer variants with ventilation.

The Bee is safe to use from the time of birth. You can put your infant in the seat; a Baby Cocoon is also available for enhanced comfort. A travel system can be made by securing a car seat to the chassis. The limited Denim version of The Bee was also made available.

The Buffalo

The buffalo is a high-end stroller/pram that can handle any surface. It came out in 2013. With a chassis and fabrics, the stroller/pram is available as a 2-in-1 stroller system. Additionally, the chassis can be bought individually.

The same frame, which is only connected to a chassis, is used to support both the seat and the carrycot’s textiles. It is higher where the bucket seat is. Approximately 10 cm are lost in height when compared to the urban Bugaboo Cameleon. You may make a 3-in-1 stroller system using the optional car seat with adapters. The massive shopping bag has a carrying capacity of 10 kilograms. Additionally, a bag up to 6 kg can be hung from the handle.

You can choose a black or silver chassis for your stroller to make it more unique. By altering the hoods, the Buffalo may also be made uniquely yours. Along with a variety of different optional accessories, summer variants with the airflow are also offered. The newest models’ handle and bumper bar are made of leather. Older models can also be distinguished by their inability to fold the frame while a seat is still connected.