Bugaboo has a cult-like following and is one of the most well-known and easily recognizable stroller brands in the world,

Among Bugaboo strollers, the Donkey2 is the best stroller. The model’s limitless customizing and control choices are what set it apart. The Donkey2 can convert from mono to duo modes, supporting one or two kids as your family grows, thanks to its adjustable chassis that widens and collapses.

For families with children of various ages, this stroller set has a bassinet, side luggage basket, and seat that may be attached to the frame jointly or individually. This Bugaboo is different from other models because of the foam-filled wheels that allow it to glide over uneven terrain with ease. This makes it a standout when it comes to an incredibly smooth ride for both you and your child.

Folding and Carrying

The Donkey2 requires 2 hands and several steps to fold. The twin stroller is rather simple to fold, but you must remove the bassinet and seat first. Then, you must open three different latches on the frame and fold the frame down all at once.

When disassembling the Donkey2 in airports, parking lots, and on public transport, a multi-parent situation would be best.

Although it is difficult to transport when folded, the donkey is simple to unfurl and can fit in the trunk of most small cars.

Wheels, Brakes, and Maneuverability

The Donkey2 is engineered to provide a smooth ride that is even more enjoyable than in previous models. This stroller offers pneumatic tires that are engineered to be robust and absorb vibrations on any type of floor, which leads to an ultra-smooth and easy push. It might easily put your kids to sleep. It is unlikely that this stroller will wake up sleeping kids or hurt your wrists. The handlebar on this model may be adjusted to accommodate parents of various heights.

By turning down the white switches located close to the wheels’ connection points on the chassis, the front wheels can be made to lock into place and swivel. Front wheels that are locked together make it simpler for the pram/stroller to navigate uneven terrain.

The donkey2 maneuvers around uneven ground and curbs, including sand, gravel, and mud, with ease. The stroller can easily turn around tight curves, crowded areas, busy sidewalks, and small spaces. Even with two kids, you can easily push the stroller and feel in control of its movement.

This stroller has a brake to secure it when parked on a slope. To engage the brake, use your toe to press the white lever next to the left-back wheel. To release, increase the brake by pulling it in the opposite direction

Recline and Leg Rest

The back of the seat can be moved back into a reclining position with the help of the white latch behind its head. To adjust it, simply move it up or down as necessary. A sleeping child will not be disturbed by the movement. The Donkey2 does not have an armrest, but the seat can be moved to a horizontal position, which is ideal for naps.

Accessories and Storage

Depending on whether or not you’re using the single or double configuration, the amount of storage that is accessible will vary because the bottom basket spans across the length of the stroller. However, when you are in a mono mode, there is an additional side luggage basket that offers more storage (with one child in tow).

A variety of extras are available for the stroller, including a wrist strap, side luggage basket, rain cover, and side baggage basket cover. Seat trays, cup holders, umbrellas, and car seat adapters are also purchasable extras. Smartphone holders and mosquito nets are also available as more in-depth pieces of equipment. Seat back trays can be purchased as well to provide additional storage space on the stroller.


There are four independent clips on the harness that need to be closed and doing so requires some focus. The clips are fastened individually and they open as soon as they are released. The harness can be lengthened or tightened by using two separate mechanisms – one for making it longer, another for making it tighter.


When opened or closed, the canopy does not crumple or make unwanted noise. This is because it is made from high-quality waterproof and breathable materials and has a durable frame that operates smoothly. When adjusting the canopy, it is almost inaudible. In addition, the canopy stretches far beyond the seat and offers ample shade for a nice outdoor experience.


The buckles on the base of the seat make it easy to attach and detach the fabric that covers the bassinet, seat, and all other fabric on the chair. The bassinet cover and detachable canopy are also machine washable. To clean your entire chair, you can remove the fabric from all surfaces of your chair, wash them separately in cold water with mild soap, and air dry them before reattaching them to your chair

Cleaning the wheels of a Bugaboo requires water and a brush according to the company. In order to prevent dirt from accumulating on the axle, periodically removing and cleaning it is also recommended. While wheels cannot be machine washed, the under-seat and side baggage baskets can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth for quick clean-ups.


You will have to pay £1490 for the Donkey2. The price is £1360 in duo mode and £1069 in mono mode. All components of the bundle you choose (frame, carrycot, seat, rain cover, basket) are included.

Many different accessories are available for purchase on the bugaboo website, including footmuffs, breezy sun canopies, leather-look handle sets, coffee cup holders, and parasols. Buggy riders may also choose from a variety of colors to make their stroller stand out from the rest.

The Donkey is undoubted of great quality; you will get your value for money. However, it’s clear that this is not a cheap buggy. For a lot less money, there are numerous different buggies that are just as useful but perhaps not as fashionable.


The Bugaboo Donkey2 is a terrific option if you’re searching for a fashionable stroller that can adapt to your family’s ever-changing demands (and might get you some praises in the park). This stroller can be customized with a variety of colors and fabrics.