Bugaboo is a designer stroller brand, which is very expensive. The reason for this is that Bugaboo has been designed to be the best and most functional stroller on the market.

Bugaboo strollers are expensive because they are made with high-quality materials, and the design is sleek and innovative. They have a variety of features that make them stand out from other brands. The company has been around for over 20 years and they have an excellent reputation.

In this article, we take a closer look at what makes the Bugaboo so expensive.


Bugaboo strollers have a pretty nice design and feel quite sturdy. They have a clean, contemporary design without a lot of extraneous flourishes or decorations. Despite not feeling heavy, they have a substantial and sturdy feel to them. The majority of baby goods are quite unattractive and feel and look extremely cheap. Bugaboo buggies do not. The strollers feel sturdy, and although lightweight, they aren’t excessively so, if that makes any sense. They are satisfying to push and feel substantial.

As many new parents are presumably aware, Bugaboo strollers often maintain a high level of value. The price of an older Bugaboo model on eBay would surprise you. If most Bugaboo strollers are still in use thanks to the secondary market, I wouldn’t be shocked. The bugaboo brand is a sort of status symbol for most parents.

The design of Bugaboo strollers is excellent; everything appears to have a purpose. They include a seat and a bassinet. Almost any type of car seat can be connected to the stroller using accessories that are available. Having easy access to the car seat makes it much simpler to use a regular stroller.

It’s interesting to note that strollers with lower prices are more likely to have integrated cupholders and trays. Though you can still purchase them as extra attachments, you’re more likely to find them on a budget-friendly stroller from Target than on a Bugaboo.

Materials Used

The components that make up the strollers have been known to function flawlessly up to ten years after purchase because they are built to survive far longer than other stroller brands.

To show that the company stands behind its goods, they also include a three-year warranty.

The wheels are excellent, and the frames are strong. They all have good suspension, so they’ll give the baby a nice ride as well as a smooth push for the parent.

The fabric of the stroller seats can be changed to convert them from seats to bassinets, and since the bassinets are overnight safe, your baby may comfortably sleep without having a big, bulky bed next to you.

You can choose the ideal Bugaboo for you because each stroller/pram is named after the animal whose characteristics it emulates. Unlike most other strollers, which are jacks of all trades and masters of none.

Additionally, if you don’t intend to use your stroller for each kid in your expanding family, it has a respectable market value.

The price sounds high at first, but if you consider that you’ll only be using it for about three years, dividing the cost by the number of years or months makes it appear much less intimidating.

Higher labor costs

Despite the fact that China isn’t known for having excellent labor laws, Bugaboo operates its own facilities and keeps them to a far higher standard. Working hours are restricted at these tidy, European companies to ensure a higher standard of living for employees. In the same way, they do at their headquarters in Amsterdam, the manufacturer also provides lunch and encourages communal dining among the staff. Their strollers are costly because they don’t skimp on labor. The health of its employees is a priority for Bugaboo.


Due to the conveniently extendable handlebars, Bugaboo strollers are suitable for users of different heights. The baby seat may be turned to face forward or backward, and the stroller even folds either way. Some other strollers don’t do it. When closed, the fold also becomes quite small. Even though it isn’t the most compact thing I’ve ever seen, it’s still good.

You can fold and unroll a Bugaboo stroller with just one hand and one foot. This implies that you hold your child in one arm while using the other to fold the stroller.

Safety features

Bugaboo strollers come with a lot of safety features that are meant to keep your baby safe. Some of the features include:

Brakes: Good parking brakes that can lock the two rear wheels are standard on Bugaboo strollers. Two-wheel parking brakes add an additional level of security. A bar in the back of the stroller frame can quickly engage the two-wheel parking brakes.

Canopy: A canopy is available on Bugaboo strollers to shield your child, particularly in bright light or bad weather. There are many different types of canopies, from basic squares of fabric to deep pull-down models that cover the front of the pram/stroller.

The baby is shielded from the sun and wind by reversible canopies. Many canopies have a top “peek-a-boo” window made of clear plastic so you can watch your child while you’re walking.

The 5-point harness has been designed with five straps that are used to secure the child in place. The five straps are two shoulder straps, two waist straps, and a crotch strap. All these straps come together and form an X-shape on the child’s chest. This provides an effective way to keep the child strapped inside of their stroller while also preventing any injuries or accidents from happening.

Wheels: Some Bugaboo strollers come with big wheels and a tough, off-road appearance. Curbs and uneven terrain are easier to navigate with larger wheels. However, large wheels take considerable trunk space. For simpler steering, Bugaboo strollers have two front wheels that pivot.

For flat roads, the front wheels can be fully swiveled; for tough terrain, they can be locked in the forward-facing position. It can be challenging to maneuver some bugaboo strollers with a front wheel that just doesn’t swivel.