The Alterrain Pro is the company’s most recent product. It has high-end capabilities and a new look that is on the level with some of its expensive competitors. The Pro has greatly enhanced features from its predecessor and offers great value for the price. The Pro boasts features that include an improved suspension system and a higher weight capacity, making it a perfect choice for runners and joggers.

The new stroller includes a design that is easier to fold, enclosed storage, a tight canopy, and enhanced suspension. This makes it easier for you to take your child with you on the go, while still keeping them comfortable and safe.

The stroller features a lockable front wheel swivel for increased maneuverability, an adjustable tracking system to keep the stroller moving in a straight line, and an aluminum frame for a lightweight yet durable design. You can easily adjust the stroller to fit your needs, making it a great choice for parents who want a reliable and adaptable product.

Overall, this BOB stroller has several noteworthy features, but we believe that there are other options available that are cheaper. The two fathers who founded BOB wanted a stroller that would be able to take their kids off-road.

In their attempt to find the perfect stroller, they invented a fixed 3-wheel running/jogging stroller. This stroller allowed for a more comfortable and stable ride while jogging or running. Later, the company created a lockable swivel front wheel which made the stroller more adaptable for different types of terrain and everyday circumstances. This gave parents the ability to easily maneuver the stroller in tight spaces and turn it with ease.


The Alterrain Pro can be folded up using the same method as a Thule stroller, with the leg rest flipping up and the handle sliding and twisting to fold the stroller in half. This will allow a product to be easier to bring along like luggage.

The stroller doesn’t have a carrying handle but is still able to stand on its own. Joggers are large and heavy, but the Pro is a giant in comparison to the rest of the pack. It’s so big that you might have trouble finding a place to put it when you’re not using it.

Weighing in at 31. This stroller is one of the heaviest on the market, which will limit your ability to take it for a run or jog. We don’t think the trade-off is worth the extra weight when other manufacturers offer similar features without added weight. A lighter stroller is easier to maneuver and transport.


The handbrake is an essential feature for serious runners who use the Pro stroller, as it helps to slow and control the stroller when going downhill. We’re very pleased that this feature was included on the Pro, as not all jogger strollers have a handbrake.


The Alterrain Pro’s storage basket has a lid to protect your stuff from weather damage or falling. There’s a separate pocket on the rear of the canopy which can be used for cellphones, wallets, or keys if the bin isn’t big enough. There are two pockets on the back of the seat. The side pockets on both sides of the seat are for passenger storage. You have extra space to store things when you are jogging.


The Alterrain Pro sunshade is a great choice for anyone looking for a waterproof and windproof sunshade with UPF 50+ protection. It has a big peek-a-boo screen that allows you to keep an eye on your little one while they’re in the shade, and a magnetic cover closure that makes it easy to keep the shade closed when you need to.

The new assertive design of the sunshade is much less dowdy than the sunshade on prior BOBs. The large canopy almost reaches the knees, providing great weather protection.


The Alterrain Pro has a seat with very little padding. The large seat and leg rest make travelers feel comfortable. The seatback is easy to change for your preferences and nearly flattens out.

Car Seat Compatible

You can use the Alterrain Pro with different baby car seats by buying an adapter. Britax, Graco, BOB, Chicco, and peg Perego are some of the compatible car seats. This makes it easier for parents to pick the right car seat for their child. There are no straps on the BOB stroller model that were used on previous models, but you must keep track of three pieces that you need to take care of.


Whether you’re jogging on a path or trudging through a grocery store, you need to be able to maneuver. The Alterrain Pro can handle a lot of things. It can go around tight spaces quickly with the removed front wheel. This stroller is easy to use and makes it a great choice for joggers and runners.

The 3- wheel running/jogging design has a lock on its front wheel, so it’s a great option for runners who want a smooth ride. We did not have problems with the stroller performing well on grass, sand, pavement, pebbles, curbs, and other surfaces due to its pneumatic tires and wider wheels. It was found that this stroller was a great option for anyone looking for a versatile jogger.

The Pro has a rotating handlebar that lets each parent change the bar to their preferred height. It’s beneficial as it helps you avoid weariness and discomfort from having the handlebar set at an incorrect height.


The Pro is a high-quality stroller that continues BOB’s tradition of producing top-notch items. The pro has a durable aluminum frame with a few fastener attachment points and very little flex.

The stroller’s design prevents the fabric from bunching or the stitching from becoming wayward, creating a sleek look. The stroller’s fabric is securely held to the chassis, canopy/sunshade, and basket. While it lacks adjustable suspension, the lack of adjustability does not take away from the great quality of this stroller. The suspension and adjustable handlebar provide excellent jogging ergonomics, making this stroller perfect for those who enjoy a good jog.

When compared to other strollers in its class, the Pro stands out for its overall fit and craftsmanship. With a streamlined, modern design, it looks like it can handle anything you throw at it.