UPPAbaby is known for its uniquely stylish and high-quality baby products and has now taken the jogging world by storm with the introduction of its new UPPAbaby RIDGE All-Terrain Jogging Stroller. This stroller is perfect for active parents who want their little one with them on any adventure, whether it be for a quick jog or a long hike.

This all-terrain jogging stroller is designed to hold your child from birth to around 10-11 years old. It is compatible with most infant car seats, and it can be folded up for easy storage and transport.

If you can handle a 30-pound stroller, you should have no trouble pushing the RIDGE. For larger families, your oldest child can ride on board once you add the Piggyback Ride-Along attachment (up to a max weight of 55 pounds).

This jogging stroller may just be calling your name if you love the UPPAbaby VISTA, CRUZ, and MINU! Let’s examine some of our favorite features in further detail.

Age Recommendations

From the age of three months, the primary seat can be utilized for walks. If you want to get your youngster used to riding in a stroller, you should wait. Consult your doctor to see if your youngster is ready to embark on an expedition. The maximum weight limit is 55 pounds. Ridge requires an add-on: a bassinet or an infant car seat if used from birth.

The UPPAbaby Ridge may be used with a variety of infant car seats and bassinets. The strollers are intended to be used with other infant car seats, however, a different set of adapters is required. MESA car seat adapters are exclusively intended for use with MESA brand car seats and should not be used in place of other car seat brands. They are less expensive than competing brands on the market today.


The UPPAbaby Ridge is both comfy and attractive. The seat is spacious and may accommodate larger toddlers. It feels good over tough terrain. The seat has an endless recline, allowing you to modify the backrest to match your child’s demands. It can be lowered with one hand, but it may require both hands to be raised. the stroller is not good for newborn babies because there is no “flat” position. The lowest reclining setting is adequate for napping. The Ridge seat design is distinct from that of the VISTA or Cruz. Ridge does not have a bucket-style seat that reclines completely; instead, the back moves up and down. This shape is more suited to running and more difficult terrain.

Wheels and Suspension

The Ridge stroller is distinguished by its three-wheel design. This ingenious design features lockable back and front wheels. When riding at a quicker speed or through rougher terrain, it is advisable to keep the front wheel in a fixed position. To make the stroller more maneuverable, leave the front wheel free for a smoother surface and slower pace.

To lock your wheel, press the “lock” button, and the device’s color indicator will display that your wheel is locked. You may make your wheel-less dangerous and comfier by adjusting the alignment. Unlike most joggers, the UPPAbaby Ridge does not have air-filled tires. It has foam-filled wheels that do not require an air pump to inflate. When compared to the Cruz or Vista, the Ridge has a more modern suspension system. The suspension mechanism can adjust to varying terrain and the weight of the child.


The foot operates the parking brake. The single pedal is simple to use and accessible. You can apply the handbrake at any time to slow down. This will allow you to better adjust the speed of your stroller, which is vital if you wish to walk or run in steep terrain. The handbrake is essential for jogging strollers, although not all of them have one.


The telescoping handlebar on the UPPAbaby Ridge jogging stroller may be adjusted for different heights, and there are four distinct settings for different heights. The stroller’s height and width can be adjusted to meet the demands of everyone who want to use it. One advantage of broader handlebars is that they allow you to sit in a more relaxed position, which might make you feel more comfortable.

Even when utilizing broader handlebars, a rotating handle is beneficial because it can be adjusted to meet the height of your companion. The flexibility to modify the handlebar height prevents wrist and back discomfort caused by slobbering. To restrict the stroller from sliding away from you, a wrist strap is attached to the handle and stroller.


UPPAbaby strollers are well-known for their superb sun protection. The Ridge canopy is no exception. One of the panels has a zipper that opens, while the other two have a mesh window that allows you to see inside more easily. When fully extended, the canopy entirely covers the child from knees to head. This implies the baby will not be able to see sunshine or have distractions during nap time. The Ridge canopy has a top pocket ideal for cash or your phone since its location is ideal for keeping your money or phone. When you’re out and about, this pocket can give you rapid access to your valuables.


Simply squeeze and twist a lever beneath the seat to fold the stroller in half and stand on its own. The folded proportions are small enough to fit in most car trunks, but if you have a smaller car, it may take up the entire trunk.


The UPPAbaby Ridge is a gorgeous and affordable stroller for the active parent who wants to explore all day long. The Ridge is perfect for those who have a larger budget and are looking for a stroller that can handle all terrains without losing style or features that make it easy to use.

It’s lightweight enough to push through shops and has some really useful features for infants, but it really shines as a strong all-terrain pushchair that is built to last.

If you’re looking for a solid all-arounder with ample storage space, we recommend the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 or the Bugaboo Fox 3. Both of these pushchairs have a smaller fold than many others and offer a parent-facing seat option for your little one.

However, for parents looking for a pushchair that will complement an active outdoor lifestyle, the Ridge is a stylish addition to the UPPAbaby lineup.