The Britax B-Free is one of the newest products by Britax, and it is a much-improved version of Britax’s previous model, the B-Agile. With even more features that are sure to make life easier for you and your child.

For starters, the all-terrain never-flat wheels can handle terrain considerably better than B-Agile and it boasts larger wheels.

The all-wheel suspension on the stroller is known to reduce bumps and provide a more enjoyable ride for your child. The canopy, which is quite large and features a lovely magnetic closure for an easy single-handed open and close, is also something that sets this stroller apart from many others in its category.

The stroller seat is also fairly spacious, but it has a higher carrying capacity of 65 lbs and an adjustable leg rest. The one-hand strap recliner reclines practically flat, making it perfect for newborns and infants.

It also has an adjustable handlebar, a huge easy-access basket, seven storage pockets for your belongings, a genuine one-hand fold mechanism, an auto-lock feature to keep it closed when not in use, and a five-point harness.

You can make it a travel system by purchasing an infant car seat from Britax or purchasing it as a travel system. All of these amazing features come at a weight of 22 pounds, which is a very respectable weight for an all-terrain stroller.

Features of the Britax B-Free

Huge canopy

Britax’s line of B-Free strollers, like all of their models, are well known for their large canopy that provides ample shade. The two SPF 50+ panels as well as the third zipped-in panel offer complete coverage and protection from the sun.

The Peekaboo window is a great upgrade for Britax strollers. This mesh window can be opened and closed to provide a better view of your child when they’re right next to you, and it’s secured with a magnetic clasp to ensure the safety of your child. The majority of Britax models come with noisy Velcro covers, so this is a welcome upgrade for parents.

Adjustable handlebar

The handlebar is made from high-quality, flexible material and extends from 38′′ to 44′′. It has an easy-to-clean, rubberized covering that protects the foam inside. This means it’s far more durable than a foam bar and will not wear out as fast.

Hang your diaper bag on the stroller frame with a stroller hook to avoid tipping the stroller backward while the seat is fully reclined. You can also hang your water bottle or shopping bags from it

Roomy seat

It is 13 inches wide, with a 20-inch seat back, and measures 26 inches from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. With this much space, your four-year-old can fit in it easily. It boasts an unlimited strap recline that goes practically flat (which is perfect for newborns,) and has three different adjustable leveling positions to accommodate growth spurts.

The seat of the recliner chair can be reclined with one hand, but it will require two hands to bring back up. The huge mesh window on the rear of this seat, similar to the one on B-Agile, can be covered if there is too much wind.

5 point harness

This seat has a 5-point adjustable, padded harness with a center release buckle. You can also connect the waist straps to the shoulder straps for quick buckling. This is great for when you need to secure your child into the stroller.

Seat storage

B-Free offers seven storage compartments, including two mesh seat pockets for your child’s sippy cup or toys. The design also features so many organizational compartments that offer great convenience when you are out and about.


The canopy has three pockets in the back, one main zipper pocket, and two smaller pockets that are perfect for keeping your keys or phone close at hand.

Adjustable leg rest

Although the leg drop is not adjustable, it is comfortable. The leg drop height is 10 inches, which is perfect for children who are older and taller than average.

Large basket

This large basket can easily hold your diaper bag and other items (up to 10 pounds) and is easily reached from the back or front. The leg rest has a hidden storage compartment to keep all of your items within arm’s reach.

The back of the basket on this stroller is made from a flexible material that folds down so you can easily access your belongings even when the seat is fully reclined. In addition, there is a large mesh zipper pocket built into the basket where smaller items can be stored.

I would recommend obtaining a universal stroller organizer for even more storage. In this manner, you can bring not only your coffee cup but also a LOT of other items such as keys and a phone. This will allow you to keep all your things close at hand and less likely to be forgotten or misplaced.

All-terrain wheels

The unit is driven by three rubber wheels, two of which are 10″ in diameter and one of which is 7″. The front wheel can be locked for added stability. The never-flat wheels will easily handle grass, mulch, and gravel.

This is a very good set of wheels and you don’t need bigger wheels unless you’re going off-road or dealing with terrain like snow. It is worth mentioning that the B-Free isn’t a jogging stroller, even though it has three wheels.

One-hand fold

It features a genuine one-hand compact fold that is very easy to use. This is possible because you can hold onto a child with one hand while folding it with the other hand.

Some manufacturers boast one-handed folding, but you are still required to use two hands to press the stroller together to automatically lock it.

It has a standing fold and an automated lock ensuring the product remains securely in place. The carry handle in the center of the seat makes transportation a breeze.

The folded size of the all-terrain vehicle is 24 x 32 x 15. This makes it extremely compact for any mode of transport, and at only 22 pounds, it is light enough to carry anywhere you need to go without a hassle.


Britax B-Free is an excellent alternative for parents who want something fully featured and compact enough to fit into a car trunk. They are an excellent choice for those who need a high degree of flexibility in their child care.

The large storage area on this stroller means that you can take ALL the supplies that your baby will need for a trip or a visit. This stroller is ideal for going to the mall, conducting quick errands, visiting the zoo, or going on a road trip. Britax B-free gives you the freedom to do so much more with your baby!