Britax has been a pioneer in the infant products industry for decades and throughout its long history, they have been focused on making children’s lives better by improving both the safety of its products and everyday convenience. The latest product to come from this company is the Britax B-Lively stroller which carries on this tradition of innovation and safety.

Britax also realizes that parents are looking for the best of both worlds with their products. Their seats are not only safe but also highly fashionable, making them perfect for modern parents today. The Britax B-Lively combines safety and style to give parents what they want with one product.

Features of the Britax B-Lively


A stroller with all-wheel suspension at this pricing point is not common. Because of its suspension mechanism, this Britax stroller gives a very smooth ride that makes going over bumps easier on the baby.

Furthermore, the suspension travel in most of these types of strollers is very limited with fractions of an inch being the only measurement to contend with. The B-Lively, on the other hand, has nearly two inches worth of travel which allows it to easily handle any bumps that may come in its way.

The B-Lively suspension system is a completely innovative, cutting-edge technology that is not only cost-effective but is also a very sensible and savvy investment that any company would be excited to have. Unlike some other companies, the B-Lively suspension system’s design is not just an empty promise made to persuade consumers into buying products with little to no real value.


Three-wheeled strollers are well known for their ability to navigate any terrain, from uneven sidewalks to dense grass. They are also praised for the mobility that is offered by the three wheels that allow them to turn on a dime and easily move around in tight spaces.

The B-Lively is a new three-wheeled stroller from Britax that provides parents an option for a smaller, more maneuverable stroller. Three-wheeled strollers are less stable than their four-wheeled counterparts, so Britax has added two wheels to the front to help compensate for some of the instability.

The 360-degree swiveling front wheel on this stroller can be locked for use when driving through rocky terrain. This is important because locking the front wheel allows for more stability, and helps push through tough terrain.


The large well-padded seats not only provide a safe environment for your child but also keep him/her comfortable and surrounded by the highest quality cushioning. The firmness of the cushioning helps to support your child’s growing body, while still being comfortable.

The material is very soft and smooth to the touch. It is non-slippery and easy to sit on, while also simple to clean. Simply use a damp cloth, water, and dish soap to ensure that the stroller seat is clean.

One hand reclines the seat because the back lacks locking positions and instead relies on an adjustment strap. You can adjust the seat to any angle you like. It’s as easy as pulling the recliner adjuster handle downwards. You’ll need to pull the recline straps apart to lift the seat back up.

Safety Harness

When you’re out and about, you’ll be able to rest assured that your little bundle of joy will be safe and secure with the five-point safety harness that is baby-friendly.

There are five independent straps on this harness. This means that they can each be tightened or loosened individually and that they all have the same function – to help your child step into and out of the harness with ease.

The Britax B-Lively safety harness is designed to grow alongside your child as they develop. The shoulder harness can be increased from 9.5″, 12.5″, and 15″ so that it better fits a child’s body as they grow. The shoulder and the waist straps can also be easily adjusted by sliding the adjusters to tighten or loosen them to fit the size of your child’s body.


The Britax B-Lively offers a large storage basket for all of your child’s belongings, but we think the manufacturer should have selected a more durable material. If you use this product, we recommend that you handle it with care as the material is not as strong as we would have liked it to be.

When you want to pack light items like a diaper pack and blankets, the storage basket will work well for you. However, as the product is used more heavily and continuously, we believe that the material will wear out over time and require replacing.

We like how the front access to the storage basket is perfect for both a leg rest and access point, making it a unique design that you won’t find on other strollers. The canopy has a huge zipped pocket that is useful for keeping things on hand without wasting time digging through the main compartment.


The canopy that comes with the B-Lively is extra large and provides a lot of shade. The B-Lively, like many other stroller canopies these days, features a UPF 50+ canopy, which provides the highest amount of UVB and UVA sun protection.

One of the many great features of the peek-a-boo window is that it also serves as a ventilation panel. You can keep an eye on your children, provide them with constant comfort, and shield them from the sun. Finally, despite its size, the canopy does not descend too much and obstruct your child’s view in any way.


Folding a wheelchair is a fairly straightforward process that requires just two steps. It’s as simple as pressing the frame release button and pulling up on the handle that is integrated into the frame.

The ability to fold the stroller with one hand has had a significant impact on the quality of life for parents. This simple task frees up the other hand, which is then free to take care of all the million other things that are going on as a parent.


The parking brake is a very simple feature that is commonly found in strollers and makes it easy to lock the wheels. To lock the wheels, you push down on the brake pedal, which locks them into place. When you are ready to release them, you simply lift the pedal to unlock them!

Travel System

The B-Lively has a convenient feature that not many other strollers have – a car seat adapter. This adapter can only be used to connect a Britax car seat which limits the usefulness of the stroller as a travel system because it is hard to find other compatible brands.

Of course, if you have a strong affinity for the Britax brand and all of its products, this may be an ideal option for you! If you decide to go this way, we recommend purchasing the travel system bundle because it will save you money.


The B-Lively is a high-performance, lightweight everyday stroller that comes with a multitude of features for both parents and their children. The stroller is designed with the highest quality materials to provide not only security and comfort but also convenience and style. This could be an excellent choice for parents who want to avoid the look and feel of more typical strollers.

The smooth suspension system and three-wheeled design will let you transport your child almost anywhere with a comfortable ride. And as always, with all Britax products, customers can be confident that they are purchasing a high-quality item that will last as long as their child needs it.