Cybex is one of the best stroller brands available. They are known for partnering with celebrities on fashion collections. They offer a variety of stroller models with an extensive array of attractive features and designs that can cater to any parent’s needs.

Cybex has taken its line of strollers to the next level with the introduction of the new e-Priam. The e-Priam includes new features like an electric motor and an accompanying app. The app can control settings such as push help and a rocking function.

The e-Priam is a complete travel system that comes with a seat and can be fitted with a bassinet or their brand’s infant car seat. It has an amazingly large canopy, an easy one-handed fold, and all-wheel suspension which helps to provide a comfortable ride for your little one.

Cybex e-Priam Price

The chassis and the regular seat cost $1,399. The e-Priam can be converted to a 3-in-1 travel system by adding a carrycot ($260) and Cloud Q baby car seat($400)

The e-Priam has a two-year warranty that covers manufacturing and material faults and is based on regular use. The original proof of purchase must be made available to take full advantage of the warranty.

Electronic Features

The e-Priam stroller features an electric motor, which makes it stand out from other products on the market today.

The integrated electric motor provides uphill assistance and instantaneous braking when going downhill. The e-motor stroller is activated by pressing the blue switch next to the left back wheel.

The stroller can be used with or without the built-in motor. The battery is located at the bottom of the axle and can be charged when it is docked or detached. It takes about 6 hours to charge.

Built into the handlebars are sensors that detect and monitor pushing and pulling pressure. When needed, Cybex’s “Smart Hill Assistance” algorithm will step in to provide support by guiding the motors embedded in the frame with subtle vibrations to add support.

“Smart Uneven Surface Support” is another feature. This provides motorized support across tough terrains such as cobblestone, sand, snow, forest trails, snow, and gravel. Not only does this provide a smoother ride for the child but also for the parent as well.

Luxurious Fabrics

The e-Priam is a high-end stroller that is renowned for its high quality and beautiful design. With no cheap materials or fabrics anywhere on the frame, it is clear that attention to detail was given to every part of the project. The e-Priam is also known for having well-thought-out features with a timeless look and feel. This stroller could be used by any parent without any hesitation.

In addition to the smooth ride, your kid will be safe and sound thanks to the strong e-Priam chassis and large wheels.

All-terrain tires

The e-Priam has all-terrain tires that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including sand and gravel. It also includes a patented “uneven surface support” feature that detects when the user is pushing harder over uneven ground and instantly takes over to make the ride easier and smoother.

Although this stroller is not built for off-road use, you can swap the tires for skis to make it suitable for wintertime excursions.

Comprehensive app

The app can be used to control the stroller’s battery operations as well as to find manuals, purchase products, and modify the intensity of the rocking and how much power is needed for tackling more challenging terrain. This can all be done from your phone and makes it easier than ever to keep track of your little one.

If the batteries are not charged, they will not appear as available on the device. This serves as a great reminder to make sure that the batteries are fully charged before leaving the house.

While the app is a great and convenient tool, it’s possible to use the stroller without it.


The e-Priam chassis comes wrapped in a sleek, modern design with a mix of chrome and black finishes that sets it apart from all the other all-black chassis on the streets.

This storage basket is quite large and will expand when you put a lot of things in it. It can be accessed from the front or the back, but it is easier to enter from the back of the footrest, making it much easier to get up and down.

The handle on this pushchair is adjustable and the position is ideal for taller parents. It also has a very tight turning radius and is pleasurable to push.

By pressing a button on the front near the handle, the chassis can be folded with one hand. For this to work, the Luxe seat must be in the forward-facing position. When folded, it does not lock but does stand on its own, and the brake pedal is plain and simple to see on the back bar.


For the first few months, you can add a large carrycot that doubles as a bed for your infant.

Other beautiful coordinated accessories include a well-padded footmuff with a comfortable fleece lining, a mosquito net, a matching change bag, a parasol, and a cup holder.

Some skis can be attached to the front wheels, making it ideal for families that enjoy winter activities, as well as a ride-on kid board for toddlers.

The rain cover is included but car seat adaptors must be purchased separately.

Weight of the Stroller

When you get the stroller, the weight of this stroller will likely be one of the first things you notice.

Even without the car seat attached, the base for this stroller weighs 28.1 pounds, which is about the same weight as the UppaBaby Vista

Given the weight of this product, it may not be the best stroller for parents who live in apartments or buildings without an elevator.


Once you become accustomed to the Cybex e-Priam, it will be quite difficult to return to using a traditional stroller. However, for parents who enjoy being outdoors and active, this is a stroller that can provide everything that they need. The Cybex e-Priam is great because it has many of the features of a high-end jogging stroller but with a less obtrusive design and storage

Previous prams I’ve tried in the past have had trouble with surfaces that are rough and potentially unstable, like sand or mud. The Cybex e-Priam is very capable and can adapt to the terrain you’re walking on, which I think is one of its best features.