Cybex is an iconic company that has built a reputation for designing strollers, baby carriers, car seats, and children’s furniture that are loved for their quality and style. Recognized as a leader in the industry, Cybex is known for manufacturing products at a reasonable price point – with the latest designs being popular among style-conscious parents who want high-quality products without breaking the bank.

This Melio Carbon stroller is an upgraded version of the well-known Melio stroller, with a modern carbon frame for a stylish, contemporary style and a lightweight feel. The lightweight design means that it weighs only 5.8kg, making it ideal for those living in cities or who travel often.

It ticks many boxes for parents living in urban settings who are looking to find a stroller that is both attractive and performs well without breaking the bank. It has a compact, self-standing fold that takes up minimal space, a decent storage basket for essentials, and a reversible seat section.

Carbon fiber frames are a relatively new addition to the stroller industry but have been making waves in the market due to their lightweight and easy-to-steer features, which make them perfect for even heavy toddlers. One-handed pushes are effortless, and the high-quality build ensures that they will last a lifetime even with heavy use.

The technology behind these strollers can come at a significant cost, but if you’re looking for something easy to carry and transport; it’s likely worth considering a Cybex Melio.


Cybex is a world-renowned brand in the baby gear industry. They are especially popular for their innovation and design, as evident by the Melio Carbon stroller. The Melio’s chassis is constructed of carbon fiber, which has a reputation for being light and strong. It weighs slightly under 6 kilograms and is one of the lightest fully featured strollers on the market.

The wheels of this stroller provide a very comfortable ride for the baby. The rear wheels have excellent suspension, and the front wheels feature rubber shock absorbers that are specifically designed to cushion even the most abrupt shudders caused by uneven terrain.

The brake is easy to use, which has made it the ideal option for parents with a busy lifestyle who want to be able to stop and start their stroller at any point during their day. It’s a very basic on/off switch that is located next to the stroller’s right rear wheel.

Most lightweight strollers have smaller baskets than their heavier counterparts. However, the Melio stroller from Cybex has a large basket with high mesh sides for your convenience.

The basket’s small elements, such as the lip at the front that prevents stuff from slipping out as you travel and the mesh sides which allow you to stuff your life into it without having to bring too much luggage are two of our favorite parts of this design.

The handlebar is made of a leather-like material that is high-quality, soft in the palm, and can be adjusted to a variety of settings. The handlebar has an ergonomic design that has been proven to reduce wrist strain and increase comfort when pushing for long periods.

The overall design of the chassis is lightweight and has a modular design that is meant to maximize the utility of the stroller.


The Melio seat is designed to give your child a comfortable place to sleep, sit, and play. Some hidden features make parenting easier. The Melio has a seat unit that can flip from parent-facing to world-facing, as well as the ability to sleep flat with the one-hand reclining lever.

A baby can comfortably utilize the Melio seat in its parent-facing position. The addition of the Snug cocoon S or, if a carrycot is preferred, the Melio Cot S will make for a more comfortable and safer journey. When the infant is old enough, they can also turn the seat around on the chassis and still recline with minimal effort.

This toddler car seat is designed with a recline feature where the child can be positioned in an upright position, allowing them to explore their surroundings as they are being held securely. The swivel opening bumper bar also provides a gripping point for the child.

The fabric of the seats not only looks great, but it also performs well and can be cleaned with just a quick wipe. Its feel and look will also last for a long time, making it a worthwhile investment for any parent.

One of the previously mentioned hidden gems found in the seat materials is a wonderful padded seat cover that can be removed to reveal mesh-lined seating. This is ideal for parents who live in warmer climates or on hot sunny summer days

The mesh seat that is used in this product allows cool air to circulate throughout the baby’s seating area and helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the car seat.


Cybex has a new canopy that provides excellent protection by shielding the baby from the elements. Whether it’s the wind, sun, or rain, they are always well protected.

The UPF 50+ fabric used to make this canopy provides excellent sun protection, and the extra big hood reaches down to cover the baby’s legs. That is particularly useful for providing a private and tranquil environment for little ones.

The chair’s depth and length are excellent. The ergonomic design of the stroller accommodates kids up to 3 years of age

The height-adjustable harness is an ideal solution for those who have multiple children of varying heights that need to be carried. Adjusting the height of the harness, will provide a more comfortable and snug fit for each kid, and switching the kids in and out of the strollers is a breeze.


For many families with a fast-paced lifestyle, a convenient fold might mean the difference between buying the stroller and not buying. The Melio folds as an all-in-one package, without having to separate the seat from the frame first

The recline lever is used to lock the seat unit in place and the handlebar button is used to fold down the chassis, both of which are quick and simple.

The entire fold package measures 69x49x29 (cm) and can stand on its own without the need for any support. It is ideal for tucking under a door in a hallway or slipping behind the seat of a bus or other type of public transportation.


This nippy, lightweight stroller is packed with fantastic features and is ideal if you want your baby to be comfy, face you when you walk about town and enjoy a long snooze when you are out and about.

The carbon fiber frame on the stroller allows for easy maneuverability with its lightweight design and short length, and the small fold makes it an excellent choice for those who travel frequently.

It’s a terrific premium choice for a day-to-day stroller that looks attractive and is easy to store.