With its sleek, lightweight design and compact size, the Cybex Mios is hands-down one of the most fashionable luxury strollers that is also functional and safe for your child.

The Mios is the perfect for parents who need to get around the city and go on errands with their children. The car seat adaptor, stroller, color pack, cup holder, comfort inlay, and rain cover are all included with the purchase of this product.

The latest model of the 4-in-1 travel system from Cybex is a direct rival to other brands on the market. The 4-in-1 travel system includes features that are not in prior models, such as a more compact design and an easy fold function.

Cybex Mios Features


The Mios seat can be reclined in 4 different positions with a single lever, and it can be changed from forward to rear facing with a simple click. The reclining seat can be used by a newborn, which means you can take full advantage of this stroller right away.

Though not required, many parents choose to install an infant car seat or bassinet that is designed for infants who cannot yet sit up on their own. These are simple to install and can also allow parents to have peace of mind that their baby will be riding in a safer seat as they can keep an eye on them the whole time.

The stroller also comes with an adjustable footrest, which is a useful feature for children who are still growing.


The seat is fairly spacious and should comfortably suit an older child. To begin, the seat features a weight capacity of 55 lbs and a lofty seat back with a high canopy.

It is 15′′ broad, 23′′ deep, and 25′′ long from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. In addition, the average seat back height is roughly 19′′ and the canopy height is around 22′′. There is plenty of space.

The seat can also be reversed, which makes transporting your child in and out of the car a breeze. Simply fold the seat, unlock it, swing it around, and snap it back into place. Of course, you should first remove your youngster from the seat by pressing the “memory buttons” which make flipping the seats on and off a simple one-touch operation.

The recline lever allows the seat to recline to a flat position that is perfect for a newborn. All parents want the ability to place their newborn inside of the seat with minimal fuss, but not all strollers offer this feature.

This is an excellent feature for a lightweight model, in my opinion. I would recommend obtaining some form of infant insert if you wish to place your small baby directly into the seat. You can also use a bassinet or an infant car seat to replace the seat, which are both compatible with the frame and at an additional cost.


The UPF 50+ canopy that is featured on this stroller provides more protection than canopies on other strollers. The canopy extends past the bumper bar so that children are fully protected from the sun and don’t have to worry about being exposed to harmful rays.

It also has a peek-a-boo window that allows you to see your baby while providing air circulation.

Climate Control

The mesh details on the stroller’s seat and canopy provide, an innovative way for parents who live in hot places to lessen the heat development of their infants. The mesh cloth is a lightweight, breathable material that allows for airflow and will keep your child cool in warmer climates.

When the temperature cools, you can easily attach the cushioned comfort inlay for added warmth. The cot also has wind-stopping materials that keep the elements away.

Cybex has designed a stroller with two windows that open and close separately, which helps provide plenty of ventilation and allows your child to see the world as they ride.


The Mios includes a footbrake that fully immobilizes the stroller, which is customary for most strollers. It’s simple to use regardless of the wearer’s footwear, with many mentioning that the footbrake is flip-flop compatible.


The Mios is a stroller that truly stands out from the crowd in this tough category. Finding a lightweight, compact, and convertible stroller may seem impossible, yet Cybex has created one that meets all of these requirements.

It’s one of the lightest on the market, weighing in at 19.2 pounds, and is sleek enough to not interfere with handling. We like how its minimalist form doesn’t get in the way of handling

Wheels and Maneuverability

The Mios has two sets of wheels: rubber, 5.9 inches wide in the front and 6.3 inches wide in the back. The suspension is an added benefit that provides a more comfortable ride for your baby, and the front wheels can be swiveled 180 degrees to either lock into place or move freely.

These features contribute to a smooth, easy-to-maneuver ride. The Mios is not intended to be an all-terrain stroller, although it appears to be capable of navigating small bumps and uneven terrain.


The storage basket can hold up to 11 pounds of items and has a lightweight design. This makes it easy for customers who are looking for a lightweight but durable storage solution. The basket is not one of the largest available, but it has proven to be an effective option given its low weight, large carrying capacity, and solid construction.


Parents have had a very positive response to the Mios stroller. The product has been praised for how easy it is to fold and store away when not in use. The stroller folds down with the touch of a button and its deflated dimensions make it ideal for keeping anywhere with limited storage space, like an urban apartment.

Additionally, the one-handed fold with an auto lock helps keep the stroller folded.


The Mios is pretty pricey at roughly £600, and you should keep in mind that you’ll also have to pay for the carrycot if you want it.

Having said that, it accomplishes everything that other travel systems and lightweight strollers do not: it provides a birth-to-walking solution that is both compact and simple, as well as functional enough to nip around in. As a result, we believe it is a wonderful alternative to use right away.

While some may prefer a smaller second stroller to travel with, it’s easy to see taking the Cybex Mios with you, especially if you’re going somewhere hot.