The Priam is a versatile stroller. When combined with a carrycot, it is suitable from birth to 17kgs. It has rubber wheels with comfortable suspension on a strong chassis and is designed for both on and off-road trips. It’s possible to purchase a pair of skis to replace the front wheels.

The Priam’s basic frame weighs 8.3kg and is available in a variety of colors, including black, rose gold, and chrome with black and brown accents. The entire weight of the Priam fluctuates from roughly 11kg to 13.5kg, depending on the seats, wheels, and attachments you choose.

These alternatives include smaller, regular, or all-terrain wheels, the latter of which is bigger and has more grip for off-road outings; a Lux or Lite carrycot; a more padded LUX or Lite stroller seat, each of which comes in 17 colors and design variants; and skis. The chassis is also compatible with several Cybex car seats, specifically the Cloud Z and Aton series.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Priam’s seat is designed to sit at the normal height of a table – 80cm according to Cybex – so it can double as a makeshift highchair while out and about. An SPF50+ canopy, a pocket for your Wallet, phone, and a shopping basket are also nice extras.

Cybex Priam Price

Because of the different configuration possibilities, the price of the Priam is dependent on which chassis and attachments you select. Everything, from the Carry cot to the seats, footmuff, and cup holder, is offered individually.

A Priam chassis costs around £690, while a normal seat bundle will start at £155. The Lite carrycot costs £130, while the LUX model, which includes a ventilated mattress and liner, costs £300. If you intend to use the Cybex Priam as part of a travel system, you’ll also need to pay around £135 for a suitable car seat. A complete Priam system will cost between £1,200 and £1,300.

Cybex Priam Features

Multiple Design Choices

The Priam is a high-end stroller. You can select from four distinct frame colors: matte black, rose gold, and chrome. The Priam is available in 16 different seat packs.

While solid hues such as gray, red, black, and pink are available, you can also select from multiple fashion prints such as nature themes and florals. Designer choices are also available for fashion-forward parents.

While many strollers are dull in color and have few personalization possibilities, the Cybex Priam allows you to make a statement with your stroller. It’s a good choice for parents who wish to stand out from the rest of the stroller parents.

Reversible Seat

The seat of the Priam is available in two configurations. It can switch between forward and backward facing.

While your baby is young, it is beneficial to have them facing you so that you can keep an eye on them. While they grow older, you can turn them outwards to let them see the world as you go for walks.

One-Handed Features

Cybex understands that as a parent, you must perform numerous things with one hand because your other hand is usually on your child. The Priam folds quickly with one hand and stands up for easy storage.

Even better, you can steer with one hand, which is perfect for morning activities. The seat reclines all the way back, allowing your baby to sleep the entire time while on the road.

Accessories Galore

Although accessories must be purchased individually, the Priam offers a variety of innovative accessories that are not found on many strollers.

A cup holder and snack tray can be added for the parent and your kid. The Priam comes with a wide sun canopy, and you may supplement it with a parasol for more sun protection.

There are several accessories that allow you to take the stroller on outdoor trips. The footmuff keeps your infant warm, while an insect net keeps mosquitos at bay.

You can add skis if you wish to take your Priam on snow. If you’re going over rugged terrain or to the beach, you can replace the front wheels with larger, more durable wheels.

While the Priam does not have a second seat for another child, a kid board can be attached for a toddler. The child board is great for older kids to ride on and fold up when not in use.

Large Shopping Basket

While many strollers compromise on cargo space, the Priam provides plenty. There is a large storage room under the seat, but if that isn’t enough, it stretches when you need extra space.

This stroller is great for shopping excursions if you don’t want to return to your car to store your purchases. Under the stroller, you can conveniently store your stuff and any shopping bags.

Seat Height

One of the features of the Priam is the seat’s height. The Priam has a high seat, unlike other stroller seats that are low to the ground.

When rear-facing, the parent can easily tend to the child without having to bend down.

If the baby is facing forward, they are high enough to see its surroundings. Lower seats don’t provide a good field of view for the baby, who is largely looking at people’s legs as they go by.

The seat is also the ideal height for tables. There’s no need for a high chair because the Priam can be pushed straight up to the table. This feature appeals to parents because high chairs in restaurants are usually dirty.


Many strollers that aren’t designed for rough terrain have suspension problems. Your infant will have a choppy ride because of the small wheels and lack of shock absorption.

A bumpy ride can be especially dangerous for newborns and infants, whose neck and back muscles are still growing.

The Priam features an all-wheel suspension system that ensures a smooth ride even on the roughest pavements. The stroller is really quiet, and your kid will hardly feel any bumps.


The Priam is a terrific choice for a full-size stroller that provides the most luxury. It has several useful accessories and features that allow it to be used in practically any situation.

Your stroller will be the envy of other parents with its trendy look and customizable designer options.

The Cybex Priam Stroller is a fashionable and customizable stroller.