Both parents and infants can enjoy a comfortable and joyful on-the-go experience with the Elittle Full Size Compact Stroller EMU. With the help of Elittle, more families are able to travel with their infants and enjoy their time together. The Elittle Compact Stroller is designed for parents on the go who want to stay active with their infants, but may not have access to larger strollers because of size constraints.

Features of the Elittle Full Size Compact Stroller EMU

Multi-position recline

Modern child strollers have been designed to allow children of all ages to sit comfortably with an adjustable recline and footrest that allows for optimal positioning for enjoying the scenery. For a child who needs a nap, the recline and headrest can be flipped and converted into a comfortable place for taking a snooze.

Easy-access basket

A common complaint about strollers is that it can be difficult to access the items stored at the bottom. The new and improved top zipper opening on the stroller inverts this problem. The top zipper has a wider opening, which allows you to easily reach into your diaper bag, toys, and other items that you pick up along the way.

Full size and Compact Design

The stroller is much more compact than its predecessor and it takes up less space in a trunk, closet, or other storage location. It’s also possible to fold the stroller while holding the infant in your other arm. while holding the infant in your other arm.

The front wheel swivels 360 degrees

The 360° Swiveling Lockable Front Wheel is a new feature that has been added to the latest model of this stroller. It allows you to turn the stroller on the spot without having to lift it up or turn it around. The lockable front wheel also makes it easier to navigate uneven terrain and steps.

It is possible to remove the wheels from this stroller by pressing the left button, making it easy to create a smaller version of the stroller.

One-foot Brake System

The One-foot Brake System is a design feature that allows parents to stop and start the stroller with one foot, which is much easier than using both feet. Parents can also use this system to brake the stroller when it starts going downhill too fast.

The rear wheel uses a one-button, two-brake arrangement that enables gentle button pressing while in the driving position to achieve braking.


Get outside with your loved ones and spend those sunny, beautiful afternoons outdoors, enjoying the fresh air. The zip-out canopy shields your child from UV rays that can otherwise be harmful.

The stroller has a built-in peek-a-boo window that lets parents view their child in the stroller while still allowing natural light and ventilation to come in, which can make the child’s day more cheerful.

Detachable Handrail

The detachable handrail attached to the front of this infant baby carriage was designed to make it easier for parents to remove their child without the aid of a second person. The handrail is designed with your child’s safety in mind and is securely fastened in place, making it nearly impossible for it to detach itself from the tray that holds the baby.


The EMU Baby Carriage weighs a mere 20.5 pounds, making it one of the lightest and most luxurious strollers that are currently available on the market. It is made from a reliable aviation-grade aluminum frame that is equal to steel as far as strength but provides unparalleled weight distribution.

Reversible cockpit

A few seconds is all it takes to convert an Elittle compact EMU Stroller from parent-facing to world-facing so that the parent may maintain eye contact with their child while they are wheeling them around. The stroller can be used by parents who want to interact with their child throughout the day and wish to maintain eye contact.

Ultra comfort

This umbrella stroller’s interior is made with brand-new, 3D skin-friendly textiles that can make your infant feel cozier than in other strollers. This new material also has a cooling effect as well as its ability to repel water while still looking chic and sophisticated.

This stroller from EMU is equipped with an adjustable footrest and backrest that can provide the optimal riding experience for your infant. EMU has also achieved accreditation from CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials), which guarantees that this stroller will be of a high-quality and safe design.

Safe to ride

To ensure that all babies have a happy and safe riding experience, the Elittle compact EMU stroller features an integrated one-foot brake mechanism, one-click direction locking, 5-point harnesses, and all-wheel suspension.

How to fold an Elittle stroller

Step 1: Adjust the Backrest to Vertical – Adjust the backrest so that it is vertical, close the canopy, and step on the foot brake.

Step 2: Slides Into the Folding Gear – Push the slides into the folding mechanism after pressing the folding button (the fourth slot on the slides).

Step 3: Push Forward – To trigger the folding mechanism, press the slides a little bit more into the slot while holding the button.

Step 4: Compact Storage – To take the EMU stroller, move the handle forward.


Elittle’s goal is to make parenting easier by using innovative design and materials, as well as cutting-edge technology.

The company offers products of the highest quality, cutting-edge design, and affordable pricing so that every parent can experience parenthood in a secure way. The products offer an outstanding value to all customers and are designed to be convenient for parents on the go.

Elittle is committed to providing children and their parents with the world’s finest strollers. It represents the future population by providing children with a safe place to be while they learn about the world. They don’t want to live on a filthy planet, thus 30% of the components in our strollers are created from recycled raw materials. Examples include the metal frame and wheels, which are made from used aluminum and plastic beverage cans.