Having children doesn’t mean you should stop doing the things you love, whether it be running marathons or walking to your mall and doing some shopping.

It is important to remember to take care of yourself after becoming a new parent, but the necessity of self-care becomes even more clear. Making time for things such as exercise, getting some fresh air, and spending time away from the baby can make you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the day ahead.

A jogging baby stroller is an awesome way to get in regular exercise while you enjoy a peaceful evening walk with your little one.

A regular stroller will work for short walks in an indoor shopping mall or on a paved sidewalk. However, if you intend to run or jog, or you plan to travel off-road on trails, dirt roads, or other rough terrains, a jogging stroller will be more suitable for your needs.

Jogging strollers are specifically designed to provide a comfortable and soft ride for babies, even with more vigorous activities like going over uneven surfaces or traveling at faster speeds. This is achieved by the use of smoothly-rolling wheels with larger tires and a suspension system that can be adjusted to match the surface. They also have an easy-to-use brake system that is designed to be as gentle as possible on your baby’s head.

Traditional strollers are not suitable for jogging or running, but there are certain jogging strollers that can be used as everyday strollers.

You can attach an infant car seat to some jogging strollers, which will allow you to use them with your baby from the start.

However, you can’t run or jog in the stroller until your child is at least 8 months old (and some experts recommend waiting until 12 months old). Simply put, your child lacks the strength to maintain their head and neck stable under the pressure of jolts and bounces.

Once you’re up and running, you’ll find that your stroller can provide a lot of use for a long time. Most can support children from five years old and up.

It’s important to know the difference between an all-terrain stroller and a jogging stroller before purchasing as they are designed for different purposes.

All-terrain strollers are a hybrid between a traditional and jogging stroller; they have more storage than the average jogging stroller and are built for off-road use, such as on trails and dirt roads, but still have three or four huge, air-filled tires.

All-terrain strollers, however, aren’t always designed for jogging, running, or other forms of exercise, so parents who choose them should review the manufacturer’s recommendations. All-terrain strollers are jogging strollers, however not all jogging strollers are all-terrain strollers.

Features of a Jogger baby stroller

  • Front-wheel lock: There are two types of front-wheel locks that are found on many jogging strollers. One type is a fixed wheel that stays in place regardless of what’s in the way, while the other is a swivel wheel that provides good maneuverability when walking but locks into place when running.
  • Brakes: Every time you come to a complete stop, it is important to activate the parking brake by stepping on the rear brake pedal. Some jogging strollers even integrate a handbrake into their design to allow for an easier and more controlled slowing of the stroller down.
  • Canopy: It is a protective device that attaches to the stroller and can provide protection from the sun and other precipitation. The canopy should have a built-in peekaboo window so that you can keep an eye on your child while they are playing.
  • Safety tether: it is a leash that wraps around your wrist and connects to the stroller in case you lose your grasp on the handle. This is especially helpful for parents of young children who need a little more help balancing and pushing the stroller. The tether will also keep you from losing your balance, as it provides support when you’re pushing the stroller or carrying something heavy.
  • Reclining seats: they are a handy accessory for parents who want to keep their children safe, comfortable, and well-supported. The reclining seat is great for long walks and runs, keeping the child asleep and in the ideal position for a good snooze.
  • Five-point harness: It is one of the most basic safety requirements that you should keep an eye out for when buying a jogging stroller. It keeps your baby safe and secure by locking the baby in and spreading their weight across the seat.

Other factors you should consider before buying a jogger baby stroller.

  • Weight of the stroller: If you are a runner and often have to navigate tricky terrain, then you may want to consider choosing a lighter-weight jogging stroller. Keep in mind that your child will be in the jogger with you and every extra ounce can make a difference!
  • Adjustable handlebar: This is a good feature to have so that the stroller is comfortable for people of different heights.

Tips on how to use the stroller

Reading the handbook for your stroller is a great place to start to ensure that you are using it correctly. It is recommended that you practice using your jogging stroller before embarking on more strenuous exercise. It is very important that you understand how to brake without coming to a complete stop, and get a feel for how the stroller handles twists and changes in terrain.

To prevent a runaway stroller, it is highly recommended that you always wear the safety strap around your wrist. Typically, the best technique is to push the stroller with one hand while swinging the other arm to provide for a more natural stride.

To protect your child from the elements, lock the front wheel, buckle them up, and drop the canopy. If your stroller doesn’t already have reflective material, it is advised to use reflective tape if you intend to run at night.

In case there are more safety tips. Please leave a comment.