Nuna is a Netherlands-based company that recently introduced its first stroller in the United States on the market. The Nuna Pepp is the first model of their products and was recently presented to US customers.

The Pepp is a durable and lightweight premium stroller that is perfect for those who need to travel light when you’re on the go. It gets around easily on flat surfaces but can also manage to get over grass, dirt, and even uneven pavement.

You will appreciate a spacious seat made of soft approved fabric. This seat can hold a youngster from birth to 50 pounds and it also contains the travel system feature and is compatible with Pipa Lite and Pipa car seats.

The adjustable leg rest in this stroller offers your youngster a more comfortable and spacious environment to enjoy. And the adjustable handlebar on this stroller is perfect for both tall and shorter parents.

When you look at the Pepp model, you’ll notice it has a sleek and modern frame design with big wheels right away. It appears to be both modern and elegant. Pepp’s key selling point is its compact flat fold which is perfect for tiny trunks, travel, or apartment living.

Features of the Nuna Pepp


The medium canopy includes a pop-out sun visor and a huge “dream drape” that gives full coverage. When not in use, the dream drape is lightweight and can be zipped away. This allows for the perfect combination of being able to see out but also have an option for privacy when needed.

One of the key features of this stroller is that there is a little peekaboo window on the back of the seat rather than a canopy. This means you’ll be inclined to bend down to see your baby.

Roomy seat

The seat is 13X17X25′ inches from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. The seat back is a little shorter than some, but there is plenty of headroom. Most strollers have median seat backs that measure about 19 inches in height.

The seat reclines in three positions through a zipper that runs down the back, which must be unzipped from both sides and zipped back up again to return it to its original position. The second pair of zippers allow for a better recline.

To bring the seat back up, you push it back with one hand while zipping it back up with the other. It can hold a youngster from birth to 50 pounds and can be compatible with most travel systems.

Adjustable handlebar

The handlebar of the stroller can be adjusted to five different positions, ranging from 37 inches to 41 inches from the ground. These various heights make the stroller ideal for parents who are both short and tall.

To avoid tipping your stroller back while the seat is fully reclined, hang your diaper bag on the stroller frame with stroller hooks. If you have a water bottle or shopping bag to carry, hang them from it as well.

Small basket

The basket seems small in comparison to the size of the stroller, which is rather strange considering it’s not an umbrella carrier.

You might be able to fit a few baby necessities or a small diaper bag inside of the stroller. The stroller design may be a little larger than other models, but as long as it is in an upright position, it should not interfere with access.


This stroller has four firm rubber wheels, two of which are 5.5 inches in the front and 6 inches in the back.

The stroller’s front wheels are swivels, which allows them to be locked in a straight position for better traction on more difficult terrain. The stroller is not intended to be used on any rugged terrain, so it may prove difficult to use on rougher surfaces.

The maneuverability on this bike is fantastic! The tires are wider than usual, which provides a more stable ride and is easier to make sharp turns. It is so much easier to push with one hand than a traditional stroller. The front-wheel suspension will help to absorb some of the bumps and provide a smoother ride.

The brake is perfect for flip-flops! All you have to do is step on it once to lock the rear wheels. Lift it with the tip of your shoe to unlock it

Easy to fold

You have to fold the stroller with both hands. It folds forward to a flat backpack size, making it ideal for trunks, airlines, and small entryways. You can secure the stroller with two Velcro straps to prevent it from unfolding.

According to Nuna’s website, the stroller may be opened with one hand when you are not using the Velcro straps to secure it. It features a standing fold and can be dragged behind you like luggage. It weighs 19 pounds and is slightly more than comparable products in its category.


The Pepp does not have any machine washable parts. Only the seat liner is machine washable and should be washed with a gentle soap. However, you can use a mild soap to clean the frame, cloth, and plastic pieces.

To keep your Pepp running smoothly, clean the dirt from the wheels with water regularly. Bleach should not be used to clean, only water or a mild soap.

Nuna Pepp accessories

Nuna Pepp Rain Cover

The rain cover is easily attached to the Pepp using velcro. The cover wraps around the stroller from top to bottom, ensuring that your child is nice and dry while they ride in the stroller. It also has ventilation and airflow holes that provide a comfortable experience for your little ones while they ride in the rain.

Nuna Pepp Liner

The liner’s major function is to make it easier to keep the stroller clean. It can be easily machine washed, is available in a variety of vibrant colors, and can also help parents protect their baby from the elements.

Nuna Pepp Dream Drape

The Dream Drape is the perfect solution for a variety of different situations. It can be used as an extendable canopy to provide extra coverage in outdoor settings or it can be used as a protective shield when traveling. The canopy provides UPF 50+ protection from the sun, is removable, and also includes a flip-out eyeshade.

Nuna Pepp Footmuff

A footmuff is a stroller accessory that you can use to keep your infant warm during the colder months. To survive Winter weather, pair it with the rain cover. The footmuff is constructed of an ultra-cozy, bamboo material that meets all Oeko-Tex standards.