The Nuna Tavo is a revolutionary car seat and travel stroller in one that is intended to make it as simple as possible for parents with infants to get from A – B. With the click of a button, it’s easy to place your car seat into the stroller’s frame and transfer your infant from car to stroller and back again with minimal fuss.

Nuna is a brand that is known for its innovative designs in baby gear. On top of strollers, high chairs, and baby seats, they have expanded their product line to include other items such as child carriers and car seats. Ever since it was founded in 2007, the company’s mission has been to design products that are simple and effective. All of their strollers are created with actual families in mind.

The Tavo can be used from birth to around five years of age (50 lbs). It does not come with a bassinet, but it can be fully folded flat, creating a safe and flat place for your little one to sleep. The Travel System is a stroller that’s easy to fold and unfold and suits the needs of even the youngest children and older children.


The Nuna Tavo stroller is a well-designed and versatile option for parents. In addition to its three seating positions, it also features four reclining settings that make it the perfect stroller for any parent’s needs.

The Tavo does not come with a bassinet and can’t be bought separately. It also lacks a parent-facing option that only uses the seat, so you won’t be able to face your toddler as you walk, which may turn out to be a problem for some parents.

The big downside to this product is the lack of a bassinet for your newborn. It does, however, include a brilliant lie-flat option that creates a safe, cozy bassinet-like environment for your newborn.

This is a clever and well-thought-out design feature that is compatible with the sunshade. Employing this can create a safe environment for your tiny infant to sleep in, which is uncommon with most strollers on the market. The Tavo Stroller has been designed to lie flat, making it one of the only strollers out there that will do this.

The disadvantage of this system is that it is not designed to be parent-facing, but it does have a peekaboo window so you can keep an eye on your child.

If you need a bassinet and don’t have room in your car or home for additional baby gear, this stroller could be a great solution for your family. It’s a wonderful choice if you want to save space because it doesn’t require any adapters or the time it would take for assembly.

The Nuna Tavo frame is a fantastic design from a company that has a long history in the industry. It features some lovely touches, such as polished metal portions. The frame comes in three different colors: Aspen, Caviar, and Granite.

Safety and Comfort

The Tavo is a high-quality all-season toddler and infant strollert that can be easily modified depending on the season. The padding may be removed, depending on the temperature, with a warm liner for the colder winter months and a cool, breathable summer cover.

The seat is equipped with a three- or five-point anti-loop harness. It’s spacious and ideal for children of various ages. Because it has a maximum use age of roughly five years, the seat is suitable for older children and newborns alike.

The canopy includes a flip-out eyeshade that will protect the child from the sun and will make it easier to see your little one. On hot days, the sunshade can be connected in a variety of configurations and unzipped to allow air to pass through the mesh.

This is a huge benefit, and it gives you plenty of alternatives for keeping your baby safe in the shade – it’s widely regarded as one of the best sunshades on the market. You can use them indoors or outdoors, and they’re made from durable materials that are sure to last.

As your baby develops into toddlerhood and beyond, it is important to think about the features of your stroller. In this age range, the Tavo can be modified to meet the needs of your growing child. The leg rest can be adjusted to provide support as they grow during walks, and there are a variety of lining options that can keep the smallest babies comfortable while they ride.

There is a baby armbar that can be used to secure the baby to the seat, which may be removed if desired. The toddler tray, which is sold separately, works well with this stroller.

The Tavo uses progressive suspension technology – consumers have lauded the Tavo for its smooth ride and its ability to provide a comfortable driving experience even over rough terrain. However, some consumers have noted that because of the smaller tires, the stroller is not ideal for going on very rocky roads or outdoor terrains with many bumps.

Unfortunately, this is not a good option for those who wish to jog with a stroller. You will need to choose something with superior suspension and larger wheels if you are to have the smoothest ride possible.

The handlebar is telescopic in design with four configurations and is designed to be as comfortable to hold as possible.

All you need to do is pull the two buttons on either side of the handle upwards and then push the stroller in whatever direction you please. This is a very simple way to switch pushing roles with someone taller or shorter than you without a hassle.

The rear wheel brake is simple to use: step on the red area to activate the brake, and on the green area to disengage it.

Easy to use

This car seat clicks into place and does not require any adapters, which is great for those who are constantly on the go. It also includes a one-handed, folding system that makes it very easy to fold up the stroller and take it with you when you are out with your child.

If you need to fold it while holding a toddler, you’ll be able to do so. It has a trolley function once folded, so you can wheel it around instead of carrying it.

This folding stroller is a convenient alternative to your everyday stroller, perfect if you need to get on and off public transportation while carrying your youngster. The wheels also detach easily so they can be stored when not in use, which is especially handy if you’re saving it for the future.

However, this is an issue if you will need to transport the stroller frequently. It is heavier than most other options on the market. This may not be an issue for you; however, it is something worth being aware of if you do a lot of heavy lifting.

It is easy to set up the Tavo right out of the box. Simply unfold it and click the wheels into position. The covers can also be removed and washed, which is fantastic for people who are well aware of their hygiene.

Extra Features

The Tavo has a big basket underneath which can be used to store a lot of shopping. The basket is made from spring-loaded edges, making it very easy to use.

One of the neatest features of this basket is that its shape-retaining design means that it can fit large items without compromising its structure. It also includes a small zippered pocket, which is perfect for storing your keys, phone, or anything else you don’t want to lose in transit. If you do your food shopping on foot and need a way to carry all of your purchases, the Tavo could be the ideal.

There are no extras included with the stroller, such as a toddler tray or a parent console. These are available for purchase separately. The stroller also lacks a rain cover that can be purchased separately. This raises the price, as the rain cover developed specifically for this stroller costs roughly $40.