The Uppababy Cruz V2 is the perfect stroller for families with an age difference or parents who only have one child. Moms who are seasoned with childcare and are looking for a modern solution and want to simplify their lives should look no further than the Cruz V2. This stroller enhances the original Cruz, which was already a great stroller, and transforms it into an exceptional one that is perfect for any environment.

The Cruz V2 offers all of the features you could possibly want in a stroller. Check out all of the impressive features that are available on this stroller for now.


Depending on your preferences, this stroller’s canopy has two useful settings that make it suitable for all sorts of weather.

A foldable canopy is a very common feature of strollers. Uppababy has a main folding canopy with a part that can be rapidly accessed via a zipper to keep it out of the way while not in use.

Your baby can enjoy a peaceful nap while you go about your business, thanks to the additional sun protection provided by an expanded canopy.

If you want your child to be completely comfortable when sleeping, either block the sunlight or extend the canopy by unzipping it. The canopy also shields your child from any outside elements like rain, snow, and even light.

The Cruz V2’s ability to adjust the canopy up or down with a single deft motion is another fantastic feature. Now that your child is older, parents can adjust the canopy on their stroller to provide protection and shade for young babies. A custom-made rain and bug shield is also included with the stroller to provide additional weather protection.

The 50+ SPF UV protection canopy features two mesh viewing windows as a final feature. The mesh windows can be used to provide some ventilation on hot days or can be used to check on your child without waking them up and without having to open the entire canopy.

Seat and Harness

The Cruz V2 is a great stroller for kids of all sizes, from newborns weighing up to about 50 pounds. The large seat can accommodate these little ones perfectly. The leg rest of this stroller is adjustable, so it can grow with your child. They also have a comfortable bar for their feet to rest on and plenty of room for their small legs. With the headrest set at a comfortable height, the baby’s head can rest comfortably on the high seat back.

You can recline the seat of this stroller at any time, just like all of the other wonderful models on the market. For ultimate comfort, while traveling, your infant can sit up straight or recline in a variety of postures. By only using one hand, you can adjust the recline so it will cause minimal hassle while going around town with your child.

In addition, the harness is a single piece with simple-to-use buckles. This means that you won’t need to rethread the harness every time your child grows, saving you time and frustration in the process! You may easily change your baby’s size with only one simple motion

Seat Options

The Vista V2 is the best option if you need a stroller that can accommodate two infants. If you only have one child, then the Cruz V2 will work just fine. You can also buy a piggyback ride-along board to allow an older sibling to ride along without occupying a stroller seat.

The stroller’s ability to reverse the seat is yet another excellent feature. When your child is little, switch the orientation so they can face you and when they are old enough to take in the world, switch the direction so they can look ahead.

You can use a bassinet for the first six months on or off as it pops in and out with ease. The bassinet is deep enough for babies to sleep soundly inside overnight because it has a canopy cover that can be drawn up to protect them from light.

The bassinet enables you to use the stroller earlier because the toddler seat is most effective for kids six months of age and older.

Additionally, the Cruz V2 also offers a car seat option which many parents like. After it clicks and locks into place, the Cruz V2 is compatible with the Uppababy Mesa Car Seat, meaning it is easy to attach to this travel system and provides a flawless experience for parents.


The handlebar has been designed without a mother organizer but features genuine leather that is breathable. It can be telescopically adjusted with just one hand and is high enough for taller parents or low enough for shorter parents.

Breathable leather is also used on the baby bar at the front of the seat, which provides a place for them to put their hands and firmly secure themselves in place. A child snack tray can also be added to increase usability for your baby.

Wheels and Suspension

For a comforting stroll, Uppababy came out with a new rear suspension that is dual-action. Additionally, the new larger 10-inch tires help to level out the ride so your baby can sleep through any rocky terrain.

A new lock indicator also makes it easier to operate by letting you know when the wheels are securely in place for more stability and safety.

Storage Basket

There is plenty of storage space under the seat with a roomy storage basket with pockets. You can store up to thirty pounds of weight in the basket. Use one of the pockets to store your rain liner or your personal belongings for easy access.


By pressing down on both of the levers on the side of the handlebars, the stroller can quickly and easily be folded up. It can then be stored in a smaller space, freeing up room for other items inside the trunk or closet, and even stands up when folded to eliminate the need for any additional tools or equipment.


By making modifications to their well-known Cruz stroller and releasing the Cruz V2, Uppababy has demonstrated that they pay attention to their clients. The minor issues with the prior model have all been resolved to produce a brand-new, improved stroller of epic proportions for parents with just one child.

Parents of two or more kids should look into Uppababy’s new Vista V2, which includes many of the same features and enhancements but has space for two kids.