The Uppababy G-Link 2 Double Stroller is a lightweight stroller for two kids that could change your life.

It is not only cheap but also lightweight. The stroller provides all of the requirements while also providing plenty of space for two youngsters to sit side by side.

Features of the UPPAbaby G-Link 2 Double Stroller

Narrow and Light Frame

The G-Link 2 is a narrow and lightweight stroller for two kids. It appears like an upgraded umbrella stroller and is easy to push. With a carry handle and aluminum frame, you’ll have no trouble getting this stroller into your car.

Another significant benefit of the lightweight structure is its strength, which can withstand up to 55 pounds per seat. Because it weighs only 22.3 pounds, You’ll be able to easily carry it indoors or into your car without any issues.

The stroller is perfect for babies three months and older who can hold their heads up. You need another stroller for newborns for the first three months, so keep that in mind. While the baby is still in the infant stage, you can always utilize a baby carrier and subsequently transition them into a stroller.

Curved Handlebars

For easy pushing, the stroller has handlebars on both sides. The handlebars also bend inwards for better control. UPPAbaby has added foam padding for extra comfort on extended treks.

Because the handlebars are separate and do not link in the middle, there is no storage room. It is much easier to have a purse or a pair of light carrier bags next to you rather than in reach of the kids.

Big Canopy

Babies require sun protection, and Uppababy thought of everything, including pull-down canopies on both sides and UPF 50+ pop-out sunshades that cover the whole stroller. The G-Link 2 protects your baby from dangerous UV rays, but at a significantly higher cost than a normal umbrella stroller.

Comfortable Seat and Safety Harness

Both seats have plenty of room for your children. They also come with 5-point harnesses that may be adjusted. Furthermore, the shoulder straps can be adjusted to three different heights to accommodate growing toddlers.

The seats of this stroller can be pulled out to make it more comfortable for the child sitting in it, as well as to prevent long-legged toddlers from having their feet hang uncomfortably. Rubber footrests are also put into place to ensure that the child’s feet are comfortable.

The plush seats provide a nice spot to sit, but what you’ll truly enjoy is the ability to recline. With three reclining positions for easy adaptation to your child’s needs, your older child can view the world and your newborn can sleep comfortably. It has three reclining positions for simple adaptation to your child’s needs.

Double Wheels with No Suspension

With four pairs of double wheels, getting around has never been simpler. Both of the back wheels lock for convenient stopping and parking. However, the stroller lacks suspension, so your kids will experience road bumps.

The biggest issue with the stroller is that its excessive weight makes it difficult to maneuver. They reduced the ease of driving by cutting two pairs of wheels to make the stroller lighter. It is preferable to use this stroller for two children with comparable weights, such as twins, rather than for two children with significant weight discrepancies.

If you require a double umbrella stroller with six wheels, you should think about your options. Many of these strollers are now equipped with four wheelsets. If your family needs suspension, consider purchasing a luxury double stroller.

Minimal Storage

With this amazing stroller, you get storage in three locations.

The first are pockets on the back of the canopies for necessities like your phone or wipes. These storage compartments on the back of each canopy are entirely closed, making them usable even in the rain.

Another notable accessory is the removable cup holder. It’s not much but it’s a nice inclusion.

Following that, there is a large, easily accessible basket beneath the seats. Access the stroller’s back from any side. The basket also has high mesh sides to prevent objects from falling out on both the back and sides.

Keep in mind that the basket can only accommodate 10 pounds. If you add too much weight, the stroller will become heavier and less maneuverable. To adjust for weight discrepancies in your children, you should equal out the weight in the basket.

Folding and storing are simple and quick

This stroller is especially convenient because of the quick and easy way that it folds. With no effort at all, the stroller collapses instantly, without the need for any foot action! It does not fold completely flat, but it does fold up compactly enough to fit in smaller car trunks.

Additionally, it’s lightweight and easy to move for any adult as it only weighs 22.3 pounds. It also comes with a carry handle, which makes the process of moving it from one location to another a lot easier.

Colors and Measurements

The stroller is available in two very neutral colors: black, and gray. One is a black stroller with a carbon frame, and the other is dark gray with a silver frame. While neither choice is particularly intriguing, they aren’t overly flashy and look lovely.

A few bold orange spots provide some color and provide a bold, attention-grabbing advertisement for the Uppababy name. Otherwise, neither color option will stick out. This is an improvement over previous generations of overly designed strollers.

Relish the sizes as well, as the stroller has excellent dimensions. When folded, the stroller dimensions are 40 x 20 x 14.5 inches and are small enough to fit inside a closet. The stroller is 27.5 x 28.5 x 42 inches when folded.

Because the usual door size is around 32 and 36 inches, this stroller will fit through doors as wide as 28.5 inches. You may take it anyplace, however you may encounter issues with limited aisles in shops, which can be difficult.


The G-link 2’s light weight and narrow breadth is ideal for parents, but I don’t believe the quality is on pace with other UPPAbaby strollers. Yes, the two sets of wheels (rather of three) make it lighter, but you compromise ease of push and agility.

This is ideal for parents who have two little children, but those who have bigger, heavier children should search elsewhere. As a result, this stroller is suitable for taller parents whose primary concern is portability/weight and whose children are lighter/younger.