The G-Lite umbrella stroller is a lighter and smaller variant of the G-Luxe stroller. With a weight of only 11 pounds, it’s ideal for errands and taking public transportation.

Because of the slim frame, you can effortlessly negotiate narrow retail aisles and tight locations. Even with a heavier youngster in the seat, it’s quite easy to push.

It has 4.7′′ twin plastic wheels that can handle any terrain like grass or dirt. The all-wheel suspension helps to smooth out the bumps, the G-Lite is clearly meant for flat terrain.

Feature of the UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller

Huge canopy

All UPPAbaby strollers are equipped with an extendable canopy that provides your child with complete sun protection.

The G-Lite has one of the best umbrella stroller canopies available. There is no peekaboo screen, but it has a “follow-the-sun” capability that means you can push the canopy forward to get a back opening. This will allow you to view your child and get better air circulation without any obstruction.

Double handles

The non-adjustable handles on the G-Lite are 42 inches from the ground. This is a great feature for tall parents. Unlike the G-Luxe, the handles on this model are wrapped in foam.


So you have a handle that is said to be easy to grasp and push. With a height of 105cm, it’s ideal for taller parents. Those parents will have no trouble pushing the G Lite.

The Folding System is controlled by your hands rather than your feet, which implies the folding process itself will be very quick. However, it does require two hands to complete. When folded, it measures 12.5″ L x 10.7″ W x 42″ H

The G-Lite has carrying straps which make it easy to transport the stroller while not in use. This might be when taking public transportation or when your child has finished sitting on it and you need to store it.

Carrying is easy because it only weighs 5kg. This makes it an ideal option for international travel, as it saves a significant amount of weight during airport baggage check-in and in-flight restrictions.

When folded, the stroller stands on its own which is unusual for lightweight strollers. It has a tall standing height, making it perfect for many people.


Suspension on all four wheels makes it very easy to push on even terrain.

The wheels and tires are small, making it difficult to maneuver on rougher terrain, but it performs admirably for an umbrella stroller.

It’s designed for city life and strolling on flatter terrain, but it’s also suitable for airports and public transportation.

Both rear wheels are equipped with their own parking brakes. When you step on the pedal brake with your foot, the wheel will lock in place.


The baskets on most umbrella strollers are tiny and hold very little, but this one is a bit bigger. It fits in the average-sized diaper bag so your child doesn’t have to share space with their belongings. The basket can hold up to ten pounds.

The G-Lite is one of the more rugged strollers available, so you can comfortably purchase a handlebar organizer to expand your storage options. The G-Lite also has a good back entrance, making it easy to load and unload from the back.


When you make your purchase of the G-Lite, you will also receive a rain cover. The rain cover is available to purchase separately and can be used on the G Luxe model.

It has shoulder straps that attach easily to the stroller and cover your infant, while also making it simple to remove them.

You have a window that lets you see your baby and a side ventilation system that keeps the air moving and enables your youngster to breathe easily.

The stroller also includes a cup holder. It can be attached to either the right or left side, depending on your preference. The conventional cupholder can not only carry drinks but also purses or keys.

You will also get a travel bag with your purchase of G Lite, making it a great way to store and move around. Simply place the device in the bag and tuck it into an airplane cabin.

A clip or a hook for the changing bag is another accessory you can purchase. It can also be used to hold your shopping bags, as well as your purse, keys, and other personal items while going in and out of the store. It’s very convenient!


One of the features of this stroller is the fact that it has a washable seat pad, which will make cleaning the stroller much easier.

The fact that the product is machine washable adds even more convenience to it. The removable canopy is adjustable in height and comes with a removable drink holder that makes it easier to clean after use.

The most significant advantage has to be the stroller’s minimal weight. It truly is the most convenient alternative for parents on the road, especially if you frequently travel using public transportation.


  • Although a moderate price for some, it is still prohibitively pricey for others.
  • There are no reclining positions available.
  • The seat unit is not appropriate for children under the age of six months.
  • It is not a convertible travel system. (There is no carrycot or car seat.)
  • It lacks an adjustable handlebar as well as a bumper bar. (It is not available as an accessory.)
  • For shorter parents, the handle is static and overly high. This makes it difficult to grasp and push.
  • There aren’t many accessories compatible with the stroller.
  • There are no all-terrain wheels or swivel lockable wheels.
  • It is not designed for tough terrain, which means it is usually used in cities.
  • Plastic, not rubber, is used to make tires.
  • The storage basket is small and not designed to hold much. (Only the necessities for your youngster.)
  • Folding requires two hands.
  • Two braking systems are not for everyone.
  • Does not have a peek-a-boo window.


The G Lite is not a new stroller, but it performs well when compared to later umbrella strollers. It’s light, sleek, elegant, small, and cheap (To some).

It’s the perfect stroller for a brief stroll, taking public transportation, or going out for drinks with friends.

It isn’t the best umbrella stroller on the market, but it’s adequate for occasional use.