The MINU is an ideal lightweight travel stroller for city dwellers who are looking for a small, maneuverable stroller. It can be used as a lightweight travel stroller or as a regular stroller and it can fit into small spaces and provide a comfortable ride.

The UPPAbaby MINU is lightweight and full of features like a large canopy, recline seat, and infant car seats that make it a great stroller to use with your little one. The lightweight option on the market today is no match for this stroller, which boasts an all-wheel suspension. Although it is very well-equipped, MinU is so light that you can take it with you when you walk with your child.

UPPAbaby MINU Stroller Features
The stroller has a comfortable seat for children ages 3 months to 50 pounds. It has a harness that protects the baby in the event of a fall. The straps on this stroller are adjusted to the child’s growth and development. Extra padding is included on the straps. It is made from a durable material that will last for many years, and it is manufactured to a very high standard.

You can recline the seat by using the back strap. Lowering the back is possible with only one hand, but raising it requires two hands. The lowest position is ideal for sleeping babies and toddlers. Newborn babies aren’t suited for it because it isn’t completely flat. The UPPA baby Minu has a canopy that protects the baby from the sun. It is possible to see your baby without disrupting nap time with a mesh peek-a-boo window with magnetic closing.

Birth Kit
You can use this lightweight stroller with a newborn baby. The Birth Kit can be put into the frame of your baby’s seat to allow you to take your baby out with you. The Newborn Kit has a mattress that allows the baby to lie flat. The mattress can be moved around and can be washed. The canopy with the UV sun visor is used to protect the baby from the sun. It is possible to keep your toddler cool with the zippable window and air circulation through the birth kit.

Compatibility with Infant Car Seats
The Minu is appropriate for newborns and infants due to its compatibility with infant car seats. The Minu is compatible with many car seats from other manufacturers, such as Cybex, Nuna, and Maxi-Cosi. The MINU has an advantage over other lightweight strollers because they aren’t compatible with infant car seats. A special adaptor is required to convert your MINU into a travel system. UPPAbaby MINU may be the only stroller you need thanks to the infant car seat and birth kit compatibility!

The MINU does not have an adjustable handlebar, but the height of the bike is just 41 inches which is a decent height for most people. The handlebar comes with a leather cover in black or brown, depending on the color version purchased.

Wheels and Suspension
There are two sets of wheels that make up the stroller. Two sets are located towards the back and front. The user can quickly navigate tight corners with the help of the pivoted front wheels. lightweight strollers do a good job on flat surfaces but struggle when moving off-road or on bumpy terrain.

UPPAbaby MINU is a good choice for commuters who want to go to the store on foot. The lightweight frame and maneuverable design of the stroller make it easy to navigate on sidewalks, shopping malls, and even parks.

The suspension system makes this stroller stand out. The suspension absorbs all of the impacts from whatever terrain the child is in, even though it has small wheels. It can handle the cracks in gravel pathways.

This new stroller has two pedals, one for locking the wheels and the other for unlocking them. The brake is very easy to use. You can lock the stroller by pressing the pedal on the red indicator on the right side of the frame. The green indicator pedal on your left side is where you can press to get it unlocked.

This braking mechanism is easy to use and you can push down the pedal while wearing any type of footwear.

Storage basket
The MINU has a rather large storage basket behind the seat for such a small stroller. You can fit up to 20 pounds of items inside! This means that you could fit your diaper bag, water bottle, and a few other necessary items there with no problem. It’s accessible from both the back and front side of the stroller making it easy to access no matter where you are.

On the rear of the seat, there is an additional storage pocket for your phone and wallet,

Weight and Fold
This new UPPAbaby stroller is lightweight and compact. It weighs only 14.8 pounds and is easy to carry with the strap on the back. It can be easily transported in and out of the trunk or down the stairs.

This type of stroller is perfect for those parents that need to transport their child from one location to another without the use of a car, or wish to avoid having an oversized item taking up room in the trunk. When your baby is ready to walk, you can simply fold the stroller and carry it on your shoulder.

Folding the UPPAbaby MINU requires only a single hand and takes less than a minute. One way to fold the stroller is by pressing one button on the handlebar, then pushing it into a seam on the side of the frame. The stroller will then fold itself and stand upright for storage.

When folded, the stroller may stand on its own. You must also release an automated lock before unlocking the stroller.

The UPPAbaby MINU has a compact footprint, making it excellent for tight spaces. It is simple to turn in tight corners and manage through crowds. Because it’s easy to steer between store racks, this is an ideal partner for shopping.

The stroller moves well, especially on flat terrain. It can also manage hard-packed gravel and cobblestone streets, and the all-wheel suspension keeps it from bouncing too much. The only disadvantage is that it lacks an adjustable handlebar.